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The RCAC has a blog!


The RCAC has a blog!

Chris Roosevelt, RCAC Director

Do blogs need introductions? Perhaps not, but bear with me… I’m new to this.

I am coming to see in my first year as Director of the RCAC that members of the RCAC community – fellows, alumni, affiliated researchers (from Koç and elsewhere), exhibit curators, event managers, librarians, library users, staff, symposiasts, and more – are involved in many, many things.

We have established this community blog as part of a renewed effort to communicate to broader audiences the many facets of RCAC life and work, what we all do on a daily basis, how and on what we do research, and what we find interesting, amusing, or significant enough in some way to share, whether at the RCAC, in greater Istanbul, or elsewhere in Anatolia. It is a “community blog” because it will feature not a singular voice but posts from the full diversity of our community members, whether in English or Turkish.

Let it pique an interest, tickle a funny bone, or strike more significant chords with you now and again.

Happy reading!