Steglich, Julika

Gerda-Henkel-Foundation, CAU Kiel

Research Title: Layout, Chronology, and Spatial Integration of Roman-Imperial Thermal Baths in the Microregion of Pergamon: The Kleopatra Güzellik Ilıcası

Ms. Steglich is a PhD candidate in Classical Archaeology at Kiel University and a fellow of the Gerda Henkel Foundation. She studied Classical Archaeology and Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology at the universities of Leipzig, Bonn, and Kiel. She completed her master’s degree in 2018 with a thesis on water management in Olynthus, Priene, and Pergamon (5th – 2nd century BCE). In her dissertation project, she focuses on region-specific characteristics of Anatolian thermal baths in the Roman Imperial period and their continuity in Byzantine times. The basis of her project is formed by an analysis of current archaeological, architectural, geophysical, and archaeo-hydrological fieldwork at the Kleopatra Ilıcası southwest of Pergamon, which started in 2018. While at ANAMED, she is examining the building in the context of the Pergamenian Micro-region, Anatolia, and the Mediterranean World. 

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