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Kültürel Sürdürülebilirliğin Rotası: Anadolu Kültür Mirası’nın İzinde

Kültürel Sürdürülebilirliğin Rotası: Anadolu Kültür Mirası’nın İzinde
2 April 2024    
18:00 - 20:00

ANAMED Library Talks continue on April 2 with Elvan Şenörer, Selin Atacı Yalçın, Kübra Akdağ and Ferzan Durul. The title of the talk is ” Kültürel Sürdürülebilirliğin Rotası: Anadolu Kültür Mirası’nın İzinde”.

Culture, which has been produced almost like a pattern since the beginning of humanity, passed down through generations, and changes depending on the conditions of time, is essentially a reality that humans have created and in which they exist. From such a perspective, all the material and spiritual elements cumulatively created by past generations and transferred from generation to generation constitute cultural heritage. In the system of universality, cultural heritage, which is the product of human history and diversity, can be transferred to future generations, provided that it is recognized and protected. At this point, the book ” Anadolu Kültür Mirası’nın İzinde ” aims to recognize the cultural richness of the Anatolian geography and to transfer our cultural heritage to future generations effectively, entertainingly and permanently, with the principle of sustainability. The “did you know”, “let’s discover”, “let’s imagine”, “let’s apply” sections in the book fiction provide permanent learning and aim to take you through the threshold of permanent learning by searching for the doors of multi-sensory and intellectual experience.

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Since the subject of our talk this month is a book written for children, on occasion of April 23, this talks is an event that parents can participate in with their children. The talk will be online and in Turkish. Please click on “Register” button.

Image: Anadolu Kültür Mirası’nın İzinde – Poster