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Program Schedule

ANAMED Library Digital Scholarship Program, Fall 2022

ANAMED Library has prepared a mostly online digital scholarship program for the Fall 2022 academic semester, which includes various trainings and events that can be attended by ANAMED fellows, Koç University members and other researchers from outside the institution.

Digital Scholarship is basically defined as any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of digital media and technologies in the processes of research, teaching and learning today. It includes embracing the open values, ideology, and potential of technologies derived from peer-to-peer networking in order to benefit both the academy and the society.

As an academic library, we aim to communicate with our researchers by organizing this academic program which is going to continue from October to December in order to convey up-to-date information on new resources, concepts, developments and technologies and help them with their projects.

In this context, we may say that our digital scholarship program is a new scholarly communication activity which brings most important components of today’s research together under one roof such as library e-resources, literature search, digital humanities, reference management tools, research data management, open science practices and available software & tools around these topics.

The program basically consists of 5 different modules and events under each module which you can see its details in the libguide of ANAMED Library Digital Scholarship Program and find the calendar and registration links of the events which you are interested in to join.

Each event in the program is going to be presented by highly valued librarians, archive specialists, IT professionals, historians, archaeologists, editors, photographers, researchers and professors both from Koç University, ANAMED, Suna Kıraç Library, AKMED Library and other institutions such as American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Istanbul Bilgi University, Beşiktaş Municipality and Wikimedia Community Turkey.

Thank you to all the speakers who agreed to participate in our program in advance. I wish the digital scholarship program which have been prepared in collaboration with Suna Kıraç Library will be very supportive to all participating students, researchers and professionals. Please contact us via for your questions.