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Library Usage Rules

ANAMED and NIT Libraries Updated Rules

ANAMED and NIT Libraries are open only for users who have submited the ANAMED and NIT Libraries Joint Membership Form and received membership approval.
Members are obliged to show their membership card to the information desk every time they enter the library. The membership card is personal. If it is determined that the card is being used by someone else, the user’s registration will be cancelled. Members do not have the right to bring guests to ANAMED Library.

  • External membership is given for only one year. At the end of each year, external members are required to renew their membership by declaring the continuation of their affiliation and their need to use the Library. The membership of the users who do not apply for renewal is cancelled.
  • Users who do not act in accordance with these rules are verbally notified by the staff. After a monitoring period, in case of the continuation of noncompliant behaviour, the membership of these users is cancelled.
  • Library opening hours are determined by the Library staff. They can be changed occasionally. In times of change, announcements will be placed on the boards of the Library and information will be posted on the Library’s social media accounts.
  • Library users must take care of Library materials and must not deface them in any way, including by highlighting, underlining, writing or drawing in them or by removing any part of them. In case of any damage to the Library materials, the user is obliged to pay the price determined by the administration or replace the materials with new ones.
  • Users should leave the used materials on the tables. They should not try to re-shelve. At the end of the day, to keep internal use statistics, all materials on the tables are counted before they are shelved.
  • External users should leave the books that they need to use another time on the “Books in Use” shelve with a note indicating their names. These shelves are emptied out at the beginning of each month. The books in this shelf may be loaned-out by Library staff to members of Koç University, without further notice.
  • Taking pictures in the Library is subject to the permission of the Library management. All users are obliged to obey the restrictions arising from copyright laws. They cannot scan or copy entire volumes.
  • No Library material shall be removed from Library premises until its issue has been properly recorded. Materials borrowed shall be returned within the stipulated loan period and their return should be properly recorded at the Library.
  • Library materials in certain designated categories may not be borrowed without special permission: (a) Items from the Reference collections; (b) Material labelled “Library use only”; (c) Offprints; (d) Journals
  • The fine for most overdue materials is 2,50 TL per item per day. Any items returned after the grace period will receive fines for the entire overdue period, including the grade period. An item that is four days overdue will thus be subject to a 10 TL fine.
  • For DVDs borrowed from the Suna Kıraç Library, the fine is 10 TL per day. There is no grace period for these items.
  • Any loss or damage must be reported by e-mai to or by telephone at 0-212-393-6061. Users are charged the market value of the item, the 50 TL replacement fee, plus any overdue fines already incurred.
  • Use of all computers and IT facilities within the Library must comply with Koç University’s computers and data networks policies.
  • The wireless network is solely for academic purposes. It is forbidden to use the network for downloading programs, movies, etc.
  • No chairs or tables may be reserved for the private use of one person.
  • Users are not allowed to bring any personal belongings other than laptops and notebooks into the library. All personal items should be placed in lockers located next to the Reference desk.
  • Responsibility for the belongings are solely taken by the users. Library management does not take any responsibility for lost items.
  • Library users shall respect the rights of others to work quietly. Silence shall be maintained in the whole Library. Listening to music or watching videos with high volume (even with headphones) is not allowed.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off or in silent non-vibration mode in the Library. As there is no sound insulation, making phone calls and speaking loudly outside glass doors is forbidden.
  • The Library is designated for individual study. Group works are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to consume food or beverages in the Library except from closed plastic bottles and secured tumblers. Glasses are not available for the water dispenser.
  • All areas of the library should be used cleanly and with care, and all garbage should be thrown into the trash cans.
  • In the event of an emergency or when a fire alarm is heard, the library should be left quickly, in line with the warning of the library staff.