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Monthly Book Selections

ANAMED Library Monthly Book Selections
Here are the special books we choose for you every month…

Book Selections for June

  • Kızıldeniz: Kayıp Mekanın İzinde (The Red Sea : in Search of Lost Space)
  • Surviving İstanbul: Struggles, Feasts and Calamities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century
  • Aşk Olmayınca Meşk Olmaz: Geleneksel Osmanlı Türk Müziğinde Öğretim ve İntikal (Without Love, There Is No Practice: Teaching and Transfer in Traditional Ottoman Turkish Music)
  • Creativity and Crafts in the Muslim World
  • İstanbul Mutfağında Ahenk ve Lezzet (Harmony and Taste in Istanbul Cuisine)
  • İstanbul’dan Bizans’a: Yeniden Keşfin Yolları, 1800-1955 = From Istanbul to Byzantium: Paths to Rediscovery, 1800-1955
  • Not Composed in a Chance Manner: the Epitaphios for Manuel I Komnenos by Eustathios of Thessalonike
  • Registering Life in a Mutlicultural City: Late Ottoman Nicosia
  • İstanbul’da Stoudios Manastırı: Tarihi, Mimarisi ve Sanatı (Stoudios Monastery in İstanbul: History, Architecture and Art)
  • İstanbul Adalarının Yaşayan Ahşap Konutları (Living Wooden Dwellings of Istanbul Islands)