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Monthly Book Selections

ANAMED Library Monthly Book Selections
Here are the special books we choose for you every month…

Book Selections for February

  • Istanbul, the Metropolis of Fear: From the 18th Century to Today
  • Transformations of City and Countryside in the Byzantine Period
  • In the Footsteps of Evliya Çelebi: A World Atlas of the Middle Ages
  • Between Tradition and Modernity: Icons and Icon Painters in Romania
  • The Last City of Istanbul: Governor and Mayor of Istanbul during the Atatürk Era: Muhittin Üstündağ
  • Music and Mirrored Hybridities: Cultural Communities Converging in French, German, and Turkish Stage Productions (17th-20th Century)
  • Selected miniatures from the Şahnâme manuscripts in the Topkapı Palace Museum
  • Ionians : the sages of thr Aegean shore
  • Elementary Statistics for Geographers
  • Ottoman History: Nizam-ı Cedid and Tanzimat Periods (1789-1856)