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Merkez Han Exhibitions

The Odyssey of Byzantine Studies in Turkey

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 23 June 2023-31 March 2024

Koç University Sevgi Gönül Center for Byzantine Studies organizes the exhibition “The Odyssey of Byzantine Studies in Turkey” curated by Koray Durak of Boğaziçi University on the occasion of Sixth International Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Studies Symposium

Picturing a Lost Empire: An Italian Lens on Byzantine Art in Anatolia, 1960-2000

Location: ANAMED Arched Gallery, Floor -1

Duration: 01.09.2023

‘Picturing a Lost Empire: An Italian Lens on Byzantine Art in Anatolia, 1960–2000’ exhibition focuses on the research on Byzantine art carried out by Italian scholars in the second half of the twentieth century and examines its mutual relationship with the history of Byzantine

Intersecting Past and Present: A Photographic Exploration

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 24.02.2022 – 17.10.2022

Can a landscape bear witness to a distant past? How does this relate to today? Opened as part of the 10th anniversary of ANAMED Exhibitions, the exhibition “Intersecting Past and Present: A Photographic Exploration” will remain open at the ANAMED Gallery in Istanbul from 24 Feb

Archival Memories: Marcell Restle’s Research in Anatolia and Beyond

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 25.06.2019 – 29.11.2021

“Archival Memories: Marcell Restle’s Research in Anatolia and Beyond” exhibition gives a deep insight into the research of a passionate art historian, Marcell Restle (1932–2016), who dedicated his life in great intensity to the study of Asia Minor in Late Antique and Byzantine

Ottoman Arcadia: The Hamidian Expedition to the Land of Tribal Roots (1886)

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 10.05.2018 – 05.05.2019

“Ottoman Arcadia: The Hamidian Expedition to the land of Tribal Roots, 1886” showcases, for the first time, a three-volume set of photographic albums that were prepared following a decree by Abdülhamid II and were eventually gifted to Otto von Bismarck, the chancellor of German

The Curious Case of Çatalhöyük

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 21.06.2017 – 18.02.2018

The exhibition “The Curious Case of Çatalhöyük” is developed to celebrate the 25th excavation season of the Çatalhöyük Research Project. Known for its fascinating cutting-edge archaeological research methods, and laboratory collaborations, Çatalhöyük is presented through experi

The Characters of Yusuf Franko: An Ottoman Bureaucrat’s Caricatures

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 26.01.2017 – 01.06.2017

The caricature album of Yusuf Franko Kusa Bey, the late 19th century Ottoman bureaucrat, Minister of Foreign Affairs, governor general, man of society who was also a playful caricaturist, is exhibited for the first time.

ON THE FRINGE The Istanbul Land Walls

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 19.10.2016 – 08.01.2017

The Istanbul Land Walls, also called the Theodosian Walls, were built in the beginning of the 5th century CE. Despite their original construction as structures of defense, the land walls and the areas surrounding them encapsulate a multi-layered cultural landscape that bear the

Byzantium’s Other Empire: Trebizond

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 24.06.2016 – 30.09.2016

Byzantium’s Other Empire: Trebizond introduces the extraordinary monuments of the now largely forgotten empire of Trebizond, whose capital was in the city of Trabzon on the Black Sea coast. It particularly focuses on the 13th century church of Hagia Sophia in Trabzon, Türkiye,

Scent and the City

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 14.04.2016 – 08.06.2016

The “Scent and the City” exhibition invites visitors to use their noses to discover the worlds of the civilizations that once lived in Anatolia. More than 50 scents will be exhibited until June 8 at the ANAMED Gallery, including historically significant scents such as saffron,

Everday Sounds‬: Exploring Sound Through Daily Life

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 08.01.2016 – 20.03.2016

‘Everyday Sounds’ presents its visitors a chance to engage with various sounds of urban life as well as sounds that escape one’s attention in daily life.

John Garstang’s Footsteps Across Anatolia

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 17.09.2015 – 10.12.2015

“John Garstang’s Footsteps Across Anatolia” aims to highlight the international contributions of John Garstang towards the study of archaeology in Türkiye and the Near East. He was one of the first advocates of using photography as a means of recording archaeological excavation

Camera Ottomana Photography and Modernity in the Ottoman Empire, 1840-1914

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 21.04.2015 – 19.08.2015

The exhibition explores some of the most striking aspects of the close connection between photography and modernity in the specificity of the Ottoman Empire. Curated by Zeynep Çelik, Edhem Eldem and Bahattin Öztuncay, the exhibition mainly consists of albums and archival materi

Propaganda and War: The Allied Front during the First World War

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 24.12.2014 – 02.04.2015

Marking the 100th anniversary of the Great War, “Propaganda and War” displays selected historical objects and archival documents of Ottoman artifacts and memorabilia from World War I from Ömer M. Koç Collection.

The Forgotten Kingdom Archaeology and Photography at Ancient Alalakh

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 13.09.2014 – 07.12.2014

The Forgotten Kingdom consists of photographs from the first excavation in the area by British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley in the 1930s alongside with photographs from the 2000s by Murat Akar; one of the curators of the exhibit. With its comparative visual content from An

An Innocent City Modest Musings on Everyday Istanbul

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 18.07.2014 – 03.09.2014

An Innocent City focuses on the stories and illustrations of the everyday objects of Istanbul. The objects presented in the exhibition were inspired by objects on display in the cases of the Museum of Innocence in Çukurcuma.

Nazlı’s Guestbook, Osman Hamdi Bey’s Circle

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 30.04.2014 – 10.07.2014

Nazlı’s Guestbook: Osman Hamdi Bey’s Circle focuses on Osman Hamdi’s daughter Nazlı Hamdi’s guestbook, containing dedications from the young woman’s relatives and friends, but mostly from her father’s friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. The exhibition aims to shed light on

Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorationsin the City of Mosaics

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 28.02.2014 – 20.04.2014

Antioch on the Orontes tells the story of how archaeologists unearthed findings from the most brilliant period in the history of Antioch, one of the most important political and cultural centers of the Hellenistic Orient and one of the great metropolises of the Roman Empire.

Robertson, Photographer and Engraver in the Ottoman Capital

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 27.11.2013 – 20.02.2014

Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) is hosting an exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birthday of James Robertson, a leading nineteenth-century photographer. The exhibition features Robertson’s original photographs and watercolo

Stories from The Hidden Harbor: Shipwrecks of Yenikapı

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 25.06.2013 – 25.01.2014

‘Stories From the Hidden Harbor: Shipwrecks of Yenikapı’ is organized by the Istanbul Archaeological Museum in collaboration with Vehbi Koç Foundation and Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations within the scope of the Third International Sevgi Gönül Byzant

Artamonoff: Picturing Byzantine Istanbul, 1930-1947

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 26.06.2013 – 10.11.2013

“Artamonofff: Picturing Byzantine Istanbul, 1930-1947” features the photographs taken by Nicholas V. Artamonoff, an amateur photographer of Russian origin, during the time he lived in Istanbul between 1922-1947. Artamonoff’s photographs constitutes a unique record of the city,

(In) Site Sagalassos The Archaeology of Excavation Photography

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 09.03.2013 – 10.06.2013

The exhibition “(In) Site Sagalassos”, features excavation photos of Sagalassos, “The City of Emperors”, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries worldwide. The story of the unearthing of the city of Sagalassos in the Burdur province, with its long history of sett

Waters for a Capital The Water Supply Systems of Byzantine Istanbul/Constantinople: New Approaches and Methodologies

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 09.11.2012 – 18.02 2013

“Water for a Capital” displays the greatest monuments to ancient water engineering, vast relics of a system of one of the longest and most extensive water channels ever constructed. The exhibition explains how archaeologists and scientists have been able to map and document the

What Josephine Saw 20th Century Photographic Visions of Rural Anatolia

Location: ANAMED Gallery

Duration: 11.06.2012 – 21.10.2012

The exhibition “What Josephine Saw” features the American traveller and photographer Josephine Powell’s insightful photographs of rural Anatolia from a recent but distant era.