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Program Fellowships

Program Fellowships are available to advanced PhD students, post-doctoral and senior applicants, who will give seminars and prepare content for the ANAMED Programs for durations between 2 weeks and 2 months. Researchers who will apply for these spesific fellowships are advised to carefully examine the scope of the different programs that ANAMED has. Program Fellowships provide accommodation at ANAMED, meals and a modest stipend.
  • A monthly stipend calculated by Koç University each year to cover most local expenses not covered by the fellowship
  • Accommodation at ANAMED’s residential facility in the center of Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Residential facilities consist of studio apartments that can accommodate a spouse/partner if necessary.

Each apartment has a private bathroom, cold-kitchen area with mini-refrigerator, and apartment-specific heating, cooling, and ventilation system, and is furnished with a bed, closet, desk, chair, telephone, and TV. ANAMED custodial staff provide apartment cleaning services at no extra charge twice a week, including a change of sheets and towels. Laundry facilities for personal use are available within the residential complex. ANAMED terraces have plentiful seating, lighting, and fine views of the Golden Horn and Sea of Marmara.

  • Meals

Depending on the program, ANAMED provides lunch tickets during the program dates.

  • Transportation to and from Türkiye

One lowest-possible cost, economy class, round-trip airfare will be reimbursed upon the beginning of the fellowship based on a region of origin.

  • Full access to the ANAMED Library, its library services, affiliates (via BiblioPera), and online resources
    Access includes borrowing privileges from the main campus library and inter-library loan within the network of participating institutions in Türkiye. In addition, residential fellows can use library spaces 24/7.


PhD Fellowships are for advanced PhD students who have completed all coursework and examinations and are working on their dissertations.
Post-Doc Fellowships are for scholars with PhD degrees granted after 15 September 2017. Applicants must possess the PhD degree by the time the fellowship period commences.
Senior Fellowships are for scholars with PhD degrees granted on or before 15 September 2017.

– Yes, collaboration is preferred but not required for short-term fellowships.

– ANAMED fellowships are open to all nationalities.

– Recommendation letters for all fellowship types should be sent directly to by the deadline.

– We have to allocate our resources according to the number of residential and non-residential fellows admitted each year. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any request to change the residential preference stated in your application.

– Yes, we just need the information for the contact person, who will be in charge of application process and responsible for the communication with ANAMED.

– Yes, collaboration is preferred but not required for Short-Term fellowships.

– Unfortunately, Short-Term fellowships are only open to applicants residing outside of Istanbul. Requests for non-residential Short-Term Fellowships will be denied.

– Without accommodation is not an option for Short-Term fellowships.

– Short-Term Fellowship terms are configured on a two-week basis and should always begin on the 1st or 15th of a month. They are limited to between one and four two-week periods and thus can run between a term of two weeks to two months.

– Since the evaluation periods are different for those fellowships, they cannot be applied within the same year.