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Simon Brelaud

Simon Brelaud
University of California, Berkeley
Funeral Practices in Edessa and its Environs: Input of Syriac Inscriptions (first–eighth centuries CE)

Dr. Brelaud obtained his PhD in Ancient History from Paris Sorbonne in 2018. He was Avimalek Betyousef Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Brelaud is interested in the social paths and geographical movements of Christians in Roman and Sassanian Mesopotamia before Islam (third–seventh centuries), based on written sources mainly in Syriac and Arabic.

He is involved in a project collecting the Syriac inscriptions of Turkey in collaboration with several Turkish archaeologists and scholars. At ANAMED, his research focuses on the input of Syriac inscriptions for the study of funerary practices in the region of Edessa (Şanlıurfa) in Antiquity and Late Antiquity (first–eighth centuries CE).