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Peter Pavúk

Peter Pavúk
Charles University, Prague
Western Anatolian Ceramic Development and Chronology as Seen from Kaymakçı

Peter Pavúk is Full Professor of Classical Archaeology at the Institute of Classical Archaeology, Charles University in Prague. His research interests focus on ceramic traditions of the second millennium BCE in western Anatolia, but also in the eastern Aegean islands, the Balkans, and central Greece, with further interests in computer applications in archaeology and archaeological methods.

He has participated in a number of projects as a pottery analyst, most notably at Troy, Pergamon, Kaymakçı, and Sardis, as well as Mikro Vouni on Samothrace, complemented by projects related to central European prehistory.

He has written four monographs, edited 10 volumes, and authored numerous papers dealing with ceramics, chronology, and cultural contact, increasingly stressing the active role of local populations, questions of appropriation, and post-colonial theory. He has likewise organized 11 international conferences, both in Prague and abroad. Recent publications include Beyond Thalassocracies. Understanding Processes of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation in the Aegean (Oxford 2016), co-edited with E. Gorogianni and L. Girella, and Troia 1987-2012: Grabungen und Forschungen III. Troia VI bis VII: Ausgehende mittlere und späte Bronzezeit. Studia Troica Monographien 7 (Bonn 2020), co-edited with M. Pieniążek, D. Thumm-Doğrayan, and E. Pernicka.