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Murat Gül

Murat Gül
Adıyaman / Hacettepe Üniversitesi
Medieval Wall Paintings of the Upper Svaneti Region

Murat Gül is working on medieval Georgian painting. Having completed his MA degree at Hacettepe University, Department of Art History with a thesis entitled “Wall Paintings of Ani, Tigran Honents Church,” he continues his PhD at the same university and continues to work on his thesis entitled “Medieval Wall Paintings of the Upper Svaneti Region.”

Having completed the fieldwork and literature review of the thesis to a great extent, Gül plans to continue his literature review during his research at ANAMED and to complete the writing of these chapters of his thesis as a result of the research he will do by reading the publications he has identified. During the same period, he plans to identify examples for comparative evaluation, plan the final fieldwork for these examples, and, if time permits, carry out the fieldwork.

This researcher, who has spent his last years facing adversities such as pandemics, diseases, and earthquakes, thinks that he will be able to look at the questions of his doctoral thesis from a wider perspective thanks to the feedback, suggestions, and recommendations he will receive in the presentations he will make at ANAMED and the meetings he will have with other academics.