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Müge Bulu

Müge Bulu
Independent Researcher
Interregional Connectivity during the Middle Bronze Age: A Comparative Analysis of Syro-Cilician Ware Production in the Amuq and Cilicia

Dr. Bulu is the assistant director of ceramic studies at the Tell Atchana, Alalakh Excavations located in the Amuq Valley of modern Hatay (Turkey). She also works as a pottery specialist at the Toprakhisar Höyük Rescue Excavations (Hatay) and is responsible for the analysis of the second millennium BCE ceramics and settlement patterns of the Amuq Valley. She received her BA from Bilkent University, Department of Archaeology and History of Art, and her MA and PhD degrees from Koç University, Department of Archaeology and History of Art (ARHA).

Her research interests include the reconstruction of pottery production technologies and comprehending ancient foodways through contextual and functional analyses. As part of her PhD dissertation, Dr. Bulu investigated the production of Syro-Cilician Ware at Tell Atchana (the prevailing MBA painted pottery style) with a combined methodology of macroscopic analysis and the implementation of ceramic petrography embedded within a chaîne opératoire approach.

In her ANAMED project, Bulu expands this case study into regional and interregional levels and conducts a comparative technological analysis of Syro-Cilician Ware from selected sites in the Amuq and Cilicia. She investigates the similarities and differences in technical behaviors and technological choices within and between the two regions, aiming to illuminate patterns of interaction and connectivity.