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Yakın Tarihe bir Fotoğrafçının Gözüyle Bakmak: Selçuk Emden Fotoğraf Koleksiyonu

Yakın Tarihe bir Fotoğrafçının Gözüyle Bakmak: Selçuk Emden Fotoğraf Koleksiyonu
27 May 2024    
14:00 - 15:00

ANAMED Library Talks continue on May 27 with Cemal Emden ve N. Defne Gier. The talk is entitled “Yakın Tarihe bir Fotoğrafçının Gözüyle Bakmak: Selçuk Emden Fotoğraf Koleksiyonu”.


The Selçuk Emden Photograph Collection contains photographs taken by photographer Selçuk Emden over the years on various subjects and notebooks he kept about photography. The collection consists of photographs documenting the geography and flora of Anatolia, his travels in the USA, Europe and Turkey, and especially the lost civil and monumental architecture of Kayseri, the archaeological heritage of the region, the industrialisation process of the region and the different forms of social life in the region. The notebooks kept by the photographer over the years contain important information on printing techniques, photographic theory and technology of the period. The classification, inventory and digitisation of the Selçuk Emden Collection, which is a valuable resource for studies in the field of art/architectural and industrial photography and the visual memory of Kayseri and the Central Anatolia Region, started in 2023. In this talk, Cemal Emden will talk about the memories and works of his father Selçuk Emden and share the formation and development process of the collection. The moderator of the talk, Nathalie Defne Gier, will talk about the archiving and cataloguing of the collection.  We would like to thank the Emden family for all their efforts and dedication to ensure that this valuable collection of Selçuk Emden, a photographer from Kayseri, can be passed on to future generations and be a source of new research.


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This month’s talk will be online. To register for the talk, please click on”Register” button.


Image: Selçuk Emden performing the first tests of the Tele Rolleiflex camera he bought in 1961