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Intercommunal Musical Geographies of Late Ottoman Istanbul

Intercommunal Musical Geographies of Late Ottoman Istanbul
7 November 2023    
18:00 - 20:00

ANAMED Library Talks continue on November 7 with Panagiotis C. Poulos, Eleni Kallimopoulou and Christine Philliou. The talk is entitled “Intercommunal Musical Geographies of Late Ottoman Istanbul”.

Intercommunal musical geographies of late Ottoman Istanbul (InterMusiG) is a research project that maps and analyses the fields of intercommunal musical interaction and/or exclusion in late Ottoman Istanbul. It focuses on informal modes of sociality, spaces of public musical performance and the field of music publishing, in order to illuminate the collective networks and individual itineraries within the shifting urban environment of late Ottoman Istanbul that constituted and sustained intercommunal musical relations. This talk will address the methodological and theoretical challenges of the use of space as an analytical tool in the study of urban music in the late Ottoman Istanbul and will present the objectives and main output of InterMusiG.

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Image: Ottoman State Archives, BOA, MLV 162 111 01