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Çilem Uygun

Çilem Uygun
Hatay Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi
Silifke Museum Jewellery

Dr. Uygun is an associate professor at Mustafa Kemal University. The study entitled “Silifke Museum Jewellery” aims to introduce the artifacts exhibited both in the showcases and preserved in the storerooms of the Silifke Museum to the scientific world.

The scientific output of this book project, which will deal with the jewellery of ancient Cilicia, which is located at the intersection of Mesopotamian, Near Eastern, and Aegean cultures in a chronology extending from the Bronze Age to the end of the Byzantine period, will make great contributions to the archaeology of both Anatolia and nearby regions.

The data obtained from Uygun’s studies on the jewellery specimens in the Adana Archaeological Museum and the Antalya Archaeological Museums confirm these views, and the Silifke Museum Jewellery Catalogue project will contribute to overcoming the lack of publications on jewellery in the archaeological literature.