Gulcin Cribb is a renowned Turkish Librarian with a long international experience.

Recently retired, she served for years in Libraries in Australia and in Singapore and she is currently holding the Chair in IFLA, Academic and Research Libraries Section.

Our conversation focused on Academic and Research Libraries, their impact on the Academic community, the necessary transformation due to technological emerging needs and the recent pandemic mandates, the importance of the library physical and digital spaces in connection with the library users, the essential role of collaboration and outreach and the IFLA “Academic & Research Libraries” section’s mission and activities.

Don’t miss the piece of advice to young Librarians, at the end of the podcast!

Elmedina Abdulahi from North Macedonia, the Head of the ‘Max van der Stoel’ Library of the East South East European University is a very familiar face to us, as she has participated in our first “International Library Staff” week back in 2018. With her, we talked about the library system in her country, the importance of environmental awareness and voluntarily participation, her work at the University, her participation in various local and international organizations and many more. You can find this very enjoyable and instructive conversation in the ANAMED Library Spotify account.
In June’s archive themed ANAMED Library Podcast, we hosted Ayşen Kılıç Özarslantürk, the Coordinator of the Information and Documentation Center of the ÇEKÜL Foundation. Together we discussed about the archive projects of ÇEKÜL Foundation. Ayşen explained the purpose of the ÇEKÜL Foundation, the formation, development and use of the archive. By listening to this podcast, you will learn the details of ÇEKÜL Foundation Information and Document Centre’s archive projects, which contribute greatly to the protection of the environment and cultural values.

The ANAMED Library Podcast 3rd international guest is Dr. Giannis Tsakonas from Greece, Director of the Library & Information Centre of the University of Patras. The discussion focused on digital libraries and institutional repositories, on assessment for quality services and on official bodies and the importance of their activities and role in further strengthening the position of libraries in information and technology.

Serving in the Executive Board of HEAL-Link and in LIBER’s Executive Board as Head of the Innovative Scholarly Communication Steering Committee, Giannis talked about the importance of voluntarily participation in international networks and collaborations which support Libraries with coordinated actions or policies.

The guests of the Library themed ANAMED Library podcast in June, were Ertuğrul Çimen, MEF University Library Director and Filiz Ekingen Flores Mamondi, Boğaziçi University Library Reference Department Head. We had a pleasant conversation with two valuable names who represent the Turkish Librarianship abroad through their work at the IFLA Association. During the discussion they shared information about their contribution in the teams they participate in, their duties, the professional and personal benefits of voluntary participation in an international organization and more. In this podcast, listeners will also find advice and tips for those who want to be part in international organizations. Enjoy!
“The Relation Between Archive and Researcher” is the theme of this month’s podcast on Archives. In this podcast, Gökhan Akçura shared with us the creation process of his archive, the historical changes in the importance of visual materials, and the significance of the history of daily life. If you want to learn more about the researchers’ alliance with archives, do not miss this podcast.
Cengiz Kotan from the Nesin Foundation Library is the guest of the month in the Library topics podcast. Serving as the Foundation manager between 2014-2018, he presents the foundation’s operations and the Library in specific and explains how it is to contribute now as a volunteer. Our discussion also includes information about the rare materials in the library’s collection, Aziz Nesin’s idea to establish the foundation and the environment the foundation provides for children. Enjoy!
Our ANAMED Library Podcast 2nd international guest is Peter Bae, Assistant University Librarian for Scholarly Collections Services at Princeton University. Drawing upon his long experience in academic libraries, Peter highlights the pivotal role of resource sharing among the library services, discusses about the importance of partnerships in document delivery – especially during the pandemic – and describes the current situation in the US and how libraries have been trying to overcome difficulties.  Being a member of the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) Section he present its mission and projects, emphasizing on the growing need for sustainable solutions and practices in international collaboration on resource sharing.  Listen to the podcast and learn how beneficial resource sharing can be for libraries with limited resources and exciting stories of document delivery.
At the ANAMED Library Podcast’s Archives theme talk in April, we hosted Kerim Altuğ, the Director of Istanbul’s Municipal Council Directorate for Libraries and Museums. The theme of this podcast was “Exploring the History of Istanbul in the Archives: Istanbul’s Municipal Council Directorate for Libraries and Museums”. In this talk you can learn about the institutions affiliated with the Directorate, their collaborations and new projects. Do not miss this podcast if you are curious about preservation and accessibility of Istanbul’s archives and memories! Enjoy!
April’s Libraries themed podcast hosted the ANAMED Branch Librarian and podcast speaker N. Defne Gier. With her, we mutually discussed about archives and the importance of archivism, librarianship perspectives and various applications. We also introduced to the audience how ANAMED Library Podcast broadcasts started and where they are headed through new speakers and topics. We hope you will enjoy our conversation with Defne, whom we hosted in the guest speaker chair this time, in this different podcast.
As the first international guest, ANAMED Library Podcast hosted Ms. Leslin Charles, Instructional Design Librarian and Library Faculty at the New Brunswick Libraries, Rutgers University, New Jersey, US.  The discussion was focused on instructional design practice, as a means to enhance and leverage the quality of library instruction.  Ms. Charles shared her long experience as an instructional design librarian, explaining its importance and how it should be used by librarians in the creation of learning experiences and materials, in a manner that results in the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills.  What are the available tools and methods we can use? How vital is the relationship with faculty members? How can we implement and execute meaningful assessment strategies to monitor impact? How different is instructional design from the usual information literacy classes? Listen to the discussion and find the answers to these questions and more valuable information.
We completed ANAMED Library Podcast’s 20th broadcast with Türkiye’s first city museum, Ahmet Piristina from İzmir City Archive and Museum (APİKAM), Museum and Exhibition Coordinator Emrah Sait Erda. In this podcast, we discussed many different topics, from the characteristics of being a city archive, to the foundation of an archive and the preparation of its exhibition, from scriptwriting, to the writing and design of the exhibition text. If you want to learn more about the half-cup story between the Galatasaray Göztepe match, the history of various venues in Izmir and how a city archive can affect its urban memory, you shouldn’t miss this podcast!
Our March’s Library related podcast hosted Duygu Özdemir, the founder of 1Kitap1Mekan Instagram page. With her we discussed what does it mean to be a good reader, about her journey to the creation of 1Kitap1Mekan Instagram page, her brand she created to help village schools, about different reading cultures, about her favorite libraries and the future of libraries. We enjoyed a lot our discussion, we hope you will enjoy it too!
At the archives talk of this month’s ANAMED Library Podcast, we hosted Mr. Işık Kansu, journalist, writer and chairman of the İsmail Hakkı Tonguç Archives Foundation. During our talk we discussed the foundation of the archives, the documents about Ismail Hakkı Tonguç and the Village Institutes, the role of the fire at the Ministry of Education building in 1947 to the education history in Türkiye, and the future projects of the foundation. Enjoy listening to this talk!
The guest of our Library related February podcast was Prof. Dr. Suha Özkan, who founded the “Bodrum Architecture Library”. Our guest explained how he decided to create the Bodrum Architecture Library, provided information about the collection, the researchers who visit the library and some future plans. Living in Bodrum himself, he gave un an insight of the relationship between the local people and the library.
ANAMED Library Podcast’s January archive themed podcast guest was AKMED Head Librarian, Remziye Boyraz Seyhan and we had a pleasant and informative conversation about the “AKMED Archive”. In this podcast, you will be able to learn about different aspects of the AKMED archive, such as the history of the AKMED research center and its archive, the content of the AKMED archive, the projects of the archive, and the relationship between archeology and archives.
ANAMED Library Podcast’s January archive themed podcast guest was AKMED Head Librarian, Remziye Boyraz Seyhan and we had a pleasant and informative conversation about the “AKMED Archive”. In this podcast, you will be able to learn about different aspects of the AKMED archive, such as the history of the AKMED research center and its archive, the content of the AKMED archive, the projects of the archive, and the relationship between archeology and archives.


Our Librarian guest for January was Ms. Şehriban Kizilkaya, the Library director of the ALKEV School Libraries. A school librarian offers a different view of the information science sector and our speaker described the characteristics and responsibilities of a school librarian, the activities of a school library, the importance of having an active library in schools and how it influences and improves the learning skills of the students and many more
The archives guest of ANAMED Library Podcast in December was the director of the American Research Institute in Türkiye (ARIT) in Istanbul, Zeynep Simavi. In this podcast we discussed the history of ARIT’s archive which contains the American Board Archives, the extension of the collection, the digitization processes, and curatorial projects. Ms. Simavi also gave tips to researchers on how to access the archive efficiently to locate the information they need, she shared insights on developments in the archives sector and offered a few suggestions about further improvements.
Our second guest of November was the SALT Library and Archive director, Sezin Romi. In this podcast titled “The Archive of SALT Research”, we discussed various topics such as the history of SALT Research’s Archive, the current projects, Open Data policies and studies on data visualization.
Our second guest of November was the SALT Library and Archive director, Sezin Romi. In this podcast titled “The Archive of SALT Research”, we discussed various topics such as the history of SALT Research’s Archive, the current projects, Open Data policies and studies on data visualization.
As a first guest of November, we hosted Jale Özdemir, the director of the Muhtar Özkaya Public Library. We talked about the Muhtar Özkaya Public Library’s services and what improvements can be made in public libraries in general, to better serve their diverse users. You can also find answers to topics such as the users profiles of public libraries, how an ideal public library should be, and the reflection of the neighborhood culture on the public library.
The October guest of our “ANAMED Library: Burada Konuşmak Serbest” archives related podcast was the founding member of the Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation, researcher and writer Aslı Davaz. In this podcast titled “The Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary: Archiving in Türkiye Today and Tomorrow- Women in the Archives Symposium” we discussed the symposium which will be held on 10-11 April 2021, the themes of the symposium, and the concepts such as women centered archiving and gender and archiving.
The October guest of our “ANAMED Library: Burada Konuşmak Serbest” library related podcast was Yaşar Kaya, the manager of the Yapı Kredi Research Library and Archive. With him we talked about the past, present and future of the Yapı Kredi Research Library, its identity and operations, the current situation and the future plans.
The 2nd September guest of our ANAMED Library Podcast broadcast was Duygu Kevser Karadağ, the branch librarian of Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Research Centre (VEKAM). Under the subject of “The Memory of Ankara: VEKAM”, with Duygu we discussed the foundation history of the VEKAM Archive, the projects that the archive is involved in, exhibitions, donation processes and remote working experience. You may find out anything you wonder about VEKAM Archive in this podcast!
The 1st guest of September was the Library Services and Information Services Manager, Sanem Yardımcı from the Goethe Institut Istanbul Library. We had a comprehensive conversation about the Goethe Institut Istanbul Library. We also discussed various topics such as the differences of living in Istanbul and Ankara, self-educated or graduated librarianship, working in library while writing a doctorate thesis.
The second guest of the ANAMED Library Podcast of August was Dr. Alkiviadis Ginalis from the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Istanbul. Defne Gier from ANAMED Library discussed with Dr. Ginalis the Photo Archive of the Institute. In this podcast you may learn about the history of the Photo Archive, the development of its collections and its upcoming new projects! Dr. Ginalis also provided his insights on issues ranging from archives to maritime archaeology and byzantine studies.
The 1st August guest in ANAMED Library Podcast: Burada Konuşmak Serbest was Dr. Elif Yılmaz Şentürk from the Marmara University, Library Information Department. Irem talked with her about the Library Information Department in Marmara University and about librarianship as a profession. Dr. Yılmaz gave some advice to people who would like to choose to study in the Library Information. We hope you will enjoy this conversation, in which you can find answers to questions related to the Library Information Department.
Our 2nd guest of July in ANAMED Library Podcast broadcast was Osman Serhat Karaman. With him, Defne discussed his project “Technological Arts Preservation” and the developments in this field. If you are wondering about the role of archives in the digital-born records, then you may find some answers in this podcast.
The 1st July guest in ANAMED Library Podcast: Burada Konuşmak Serbest was Furkan Sevim from the İstanbul Research Institute. Irem talked with Furkan about the Istanbul Research Institute, the library, the Turkish Librarians Association, and the general status of librarianship as a profession. We hope you will enjoy this conversation, where you can find criticism and advice on the librarianship.
Defne started with the Koç University Suna Kıraç Library Archive Specialists, Senem Acar and Mustafa Ergül, who talked about the Suna Kıraç Library Digital Collections success recipe. The talk offers to the listeners an insider’s information on the process of digitizating collections, their management and curation – if you curious to find out what is happening behind the scenes, then don’t miss this talk!
In the librarianship broadcast of this month, İrem’s guests were İpek Yarar from MEF University Library and Sina Mater from Koç University Suna Kıraç Library. The conversation was about “Design and Libraries” with the guests explaining how the balance their Librarian responsibilities and tasks with required designing tasks based on their skills and talents. Those interested in design or wanting to combine their love for design with their current work, can find some useful tips from the speakers!