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Heritage, World Heritage, and the Future: Perspectives on Scale, Conservation, and Dialogue

  • Publisher: Koç University Press
  • Series: Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) Series
  • Editors: B. Nilgün Öz and Christina Luke
  • Authors: Isabelle Anatole-Gabriel, Müge Cengiz, Lee Clare, Zafer Derin, Burcu Erciyas, Işılay Gürsu, Thomas L. Kaefer, Zeki Kaya, Moritz Kinzel, Christina Luke, Çiğdem Maner, Ulrich Mania, Caitlin O’Grady, B. Nilgün Öz, Burcu Özdemir, Felix Pirson, Gül Pulhan, Andreas Schachner, Seçil Tezer Altay, Evrim Ulusan, Lutgarde Vandeput, Katherine Welch
  • Language: English
  • Category: Heritage, Cultural and Natural Heritage, Archaeology
  • Pages: 292
  • Size: 19,5 x 25 cm
  • Edition: 1st edition, June 2022
  • ISBN: 978-605-7685-86-5

The papers published in this volume were among those presented at the 14th International ANAMED Annual Symposium (IAAS), held at Istanbul’s Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations in 2019. Bringing together archaeologists and heritage professionals from diverse backgrounds engaged in the conservation of archaeological and natural sites, the symposium focused on topics of heritage conservation and development in Turkey, with a particular focus on World Heritage Sites.

The papers in this volume explore the conservation and future of archaeological and natural heritage, including but not limited to the World Heritage Convention and its application in Turkey, site conservation and financing of conservation work, community engagement during archaeological research, and public perceptions of archaeology. Providing reflection on and critical assessment of their own work, the authors discuss both achievements and problems to create a clearer picture of what works and what does not work in certain conditions.

The book can be purchased through the University of Chicago Press, Koç University Press, and YKY stores.

Table of Contents


I. Perspectives & Policy

ISABELLE ANATOLE-GABRIEL and BURCU OZDEMİR – From the World Heritage Convention Perspective: Overview of Archaeological Sites in the Europe Region and the Role of Turkey

EVRİM ULUSAN – Inscription of Archaeological Sites: A Turkish Experience with the World Heritage List

ZEKİ KAYA – UNESCO World Natural Heritage Nominations: Potential Areas and Difficulties of Nomination in Turkey

IŞILAY GURSU, GUL PULHAN, and LUTGARDE VANDEPUT – “We Asked 3,601 People”: A Nationwide Public Opinion Poll on Attitudes Towards Archaeology and Archaeological Assets in Turkey

II. Archaeology & World Heritage in Turkey

MORITZ KINZEL, LEE CLARE, ULRICH MANIA, ANDREAS SCHACHNER, SECİL TEZER ALTAY, and FELIX PIRSON – German Archaeological Institute: Past, Present, and Future Heritage Conservation Strategies

THOMAS L. KAEFER and KATHERINE E. WELCH – The Past and the Future of World Heritage: Anastylosis at Aphrodisias

III. Heritage, Histories & Communities

CAITLIN R. O’GRADY – Conservation and the Archaeological Gaze: Field Manuals and Handbooks

CİĞDEM MANER – The Entanglement of Sacred Springs and Mountains with Cult and Political Ecologies: The Ivriz Cultural Landscape

BURCU ERCİYAS – Where Did We Go Wrong? Heritage Conservation, Community and Archaeology at Komana

ZAFER DERİN and MUGE CENGİZ – Transformation of an Urban Archaeological Site with a View to Community and Education: The Visitor Center of Yeşilova Höyük