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Byzantine Images and their Afterlives: Essays in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr

  • Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
  • Editor(s): Lynn Jones

The twelve papers written for this volume reflect the wide scope of Annemarie Weyl Carr's interests and the equally wide impact of her work. The concepts linking the essays include the examination of form and meaning, the relationship between original and copy, and reception and cultural identity in medieval art and architecture. Carr’s work focuses on the object but considers the audience, looks at the copy for retention or rejection of the original form and meaning, and always seeks to understand the relationship between intent and perception. She examines the elusive nature of ’center’ and ’periphery’, expanding and enriching the discourse of manuscript production, icons and their copies, and the dissemination of style and meaning


Special Collections

The Anthony Bryer Special Collection

Anthony Bryer (1937-2016), late Emeritus Professor of Byzantine history at Birmingham University, wrote his doctorate thesis on The Empire of Trebizond (1204-1461) at Balliol College, University of Oxford. He held fellowships at Athens University, Dumbarton Oaks and Merton College, Oxford.  He was the founder and long-serving first director of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham (1976 – 1994). In 1975, he also established “Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies”, now a leading journal in the field. His publications included “The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos”, “Peoples and settlement in Anatolia and the Caucasus, 800-1900”, “The post-Byzantine monuments of the Pontos: a source book” and several articles. Bryer acted as chairman of the British committee of the International Association of Byzantine Studies (1989-95) and served as director at British Institute at Ankara (1996-2000).


Anthony Bryer, one of the doyens of research on Anatolian Civilizations, donated to the ANAMED Library of Koç University just before his death in late 2016, a collection of 15 journals and book series, including Eastern Churches Review, Byzantinoslavica: International Journal of Byzantine Studies, Byzantion, Revue Internationale des Etudes Byzantines, Petits Propos Culinaires: Essays and Notes to do with Food, Cookery and Cookery Books, Revues des Études Byzantines, Sobornost, Transaction of Royal Historical Society, composed of approximately 500 volumes, which further enriches the library, especially in the area of ​​Byzantine Studies.


For our librarians’ take on the collection and Anthony Bryer himself, please see ANAMED Library Branch Librarian Naz Özkan and NIT Library Branch Librarian İrem Ünal’s blogposts (in Turkish).

The Slobodan Ćurčić Colleciton

Slobodan Ćurčić is an Emeritus Professor at Princeton University. He holds a PhD from New York University, and is a renowned expert on late antique and Byzantine art and architecture. He led many archaeological excavations in former Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. He is the author of numerous books and articles. His many books include Art and Architecture in the Balkans: An Annotated Bibliography (1984), The Twilight of Byzantium (with co-editor D. Mouriki, 1991), and Middle Byzantine Architecture on Cyprus: Provincial or Regional (2000).


Professor Ćurčić donated to the ANAMED Library a collection of 276 books that consists mostly of works on Byzantine art and architecture.

Fellow Publications

Archaic Greek Culture: History, Archaeology, Art and Museology

  • Publisher: Archaeopress
  • Editor(s): Sergey Solovyov

This volume presents papers from a round table conference held in St Petersburg in 2005. After an introductory survey of the key issues in contemporary studies of Archaic Greece by John Boardman, the papers deal with the following major themes: Archaic art; the Greek polis (forms and rates of development); and colonisation (models and evolution, relations between Greeks and non-Greeks). Attention is directed to the Greek city-states of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, to the penetration of Greek culture to the East and West, and to the trade relations of the Greek cities.


Histoire du poil

  • Publisher: Belin
  • Author(s): Marie-France Auzépy

Cet ouvrage très documenté s attache à retracer la place du poil dans la perspective d'une histoire qui remonte au VIe millénaire avant Jésus-Christ, nous découvrant la multiplicité de la vocation du poil à travers les époques et les continents. Le poil a servi de signe politique, social, éthique et religieux, que ce soit dans l islam et dans la chrétienté. Ce livre fournit un kaléidoscope des traces de cette histoire : de Sumer à Babylone, dans la France de Louis XIV, quand tout le sexe mâle porta perruque, dans la Chine mandchoue, où tous les sujets chinois devaient porter la natte, lors de la Première Guerre mondiale avec la glorification des Poilus, sans oublier la Turquie contemporaine tiraillée entre Mustapha Kémal et l islam, ce qui a des conséquences sur la forme des moustaches... Mais ce livre touffu explore aussi les marges de l histoire avec les eunuques byzantins ou les malheureux atteints d hypertrichose cette maladie qui se manifeste par une pilosité envahissante sur une partie du corps ou sa totalité et présentés comme des monstres. La linguistique, l anthropologie et la psychanalyse ne sont pas en reste de cette histoire complexe. Le lecteur aura l occasion de découvrir l effrayante plasticité du poil dans la langue, suivra la façon dont l homme perdit ses poils de bête, et comment les freudiens ont soigneusement mis de côté les poils, pourtant exhibés sur le menton du père fondateur.



Byzantine Constantinople

A detailed guide about Byzantine Istanbul.

Guide to Greek Civilization: Overview

KU faculty and students of relevant departments, as well as ANAMED’s and AKMED’s fellow researchers have a keen interest in matters related to Greek civilization, which creates the necessity for a wide variety of resources and tools. Suna Kıraç, ANAMED, and AKMED Libraries try to provide these resources and tools to the researchers. Created by SKL Reference Librarian Vasiliki Mole, this Lib Guide is complementary to the Libraries’ collection that will assist those interested with their research and will further support their knowledge on the subject.

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