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Dreams, memory, and imagination in Byzantium

  • Publisher: Brill
  • Editor(s): Bronwen Neil, Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

This collection of studies on Dreams, Memory and Imagination in Byzantium covers four main themes: the place of dreams, imagination and memory in the Byzantine philosophical tradition; the political uses of prophetic dreams and visions in imperial contexts; the appearance and manipulation of dreams and memory in Byzantine poetry and histories, and changing commemorations of the saints over time in art, epigraphy and literature. These studies reveal the distinctive and important roles of memory, imagination and dreams in the Byzantine court, the proto-Orthodox church and broader society from Constantinople to Syria and beyond. This volume of Byzantina Australiensia brings together the work of senior and early career scholars from Australia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.


Special Collections

The Melek Delilbaşı Collection

After graduating from from Ankara University in 1968, Melek Delilbaşı conducted her doctoral studies at the University of Thessaloniki between 1970-1972. Completing her doctoral thesis in 1973 at Ankara University, she had a scholarship at the Harvard Byzantinology Institute (Dumbarton Oaks) in Washington, DC from 1987 to 1988. In this year, she became a professor at Ankara University Faculty of Languages, History and Geography. Professor Delilbaşı chaired Ankara University’s department of History from 1989 to 1994; and department of Modern Greek Language and Literature from 1990 to 2005. She also chaired Ankara University’s Department of History during 1989 - 1994 and Department of Modern Greek Language and Literature from 1990 to 2005. She gave lectures on “Byzantine-Ottoman History” at Middle East Technical University. Delilbaşı published lots of articles and translations about Early Ottoman history, late Byzantine history, the Ottoman cadastral record books in journals such as Belleten, Turkish Review Quarterly Digest, Atatürk Kültür Dil ve Tarih Yüksek Kurumu Bülteni, Association Internationale d’Ètudes du Sud-Est Européen Bulletin, Türk Tarih Kurumu Belgeler Dergisi, Tarih Araştırmaları Dergisi. She also served as a directore at Ottoman History Research & Application Centre (OTAM) from 2005 to 2009. Currently, she is the vice-president of Association Internationale d’Etudes du Sud-Est Européen (AIESEE) and the president of the Turkish National Committee for Byzantine Studies.

Melek Delilbaşı donated her personal collection of 848 volumes in Greek, English, Turkish and some more in other languages to the ANAMED Library in late 2018. She generously contributed to the process of collection development of ANAMED Library, especially in the fields of late Byzantine history, Balkan history, early Ottoman history, and history of modern Greece.

The Anthony Bryer Special Collection

Anthony Bryer (1937-2016), late Emeritus Professor of Byzantine history at Birmingham University, wrote his doctorate thesis on The Empire of Trebizond (1204-1461) at Balliol College, University of Oxford. He held fellowships at Athens University, Dumbarton Oaks and Merton College, Oxford.  He was the founder and long-serving first director of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham (1976 – 1994). In 1975, he also established “Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies”, now a leading journal in the field. His publications included “The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos”, “Peoples and settlement in Anatolia and the Caucasus, 800-1900”, “The post-Byzantine monuments of the Pontos: a source book” and several articles. Bryer acted as chairman of the British committee of the International Association of Byzantine Studies (1989-95) and served as director at British Institute at Ankara (1996-2000).


Anthony Bryer, one of the doyens of research on Anatolian Civilizations, donated to the ANAMED Library of Koç University just before his death in late 2016, a collection of 15 journals and book series, including Eastern Churches Review, Byzantinoslavica: International Journal of Byzantine Studies, Byzantion, Revue Internationale des Etudes Byzantines, Petits Propos Culinaires: Essays and Notes to do with Food, Cookery and Cookery Books, Revues des Études Byzantines, Sobornost, Transaction of Royal Historical Society, composed of approximately 500 volumes, which further enriches the library, especially in the area of ​​Byzantine Studies.


For our librarians’ take on the collection and Anthony Bryer himself, please see ANAMED Library Branch Librarian Naz Özkan and NIT Library Branch Librarian İrem Ünal’s blogposts (in Turkish).

Fellow Publications

John II Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium: In the Shadow of Father and Son

  • Publisher: Ashgate
  • Editor(s): Alessandra Bucossi, Alex Rodriguez Suarez

The Emperor John II Komnenos (1118–1143) has been overshadowed by both his father Alexios I and his son Manuel I. Written sources have not left us much evidence regarding his reign, although authors agree that he was an excellent emperor. However, the period witnessed territorial expansion in Asia Minor as well as the construction of the most important monastic complex of twelfth-century Constantinople. What else do we know about John’s rule and its period? This volume opens up new perspectives on John’s reign and clearly demonstrates that many innovations generally attributed to the genius of Manuel Komnenos had already been fostered during the reign of the second great Komnenos. Leading experts on twelfth-century Byzantium (Jeffreys, Magdalino, Ousterhout) are joined by representatives of a new generation of Byzantinists to produce a timely and invaluable study of the unjustly neglected figure of John Komnenos.


Dildilian Brothers: Memories of a Lost Armenian Home: Photography and the Story of an Armenian Family in Anatolia, 1888-1923 / Dildilyan kardeşler: Kayıp Bir Ermeni Evinin Hatıraları : Anadolu'da Bir Ermeni Ailenin Fotoğrafları ve Öyküsü, 1888-1923

  • Publisher: Birzamanlar Yayıncılık
  • Author(s): Armen Tsolag Marsoobian
  • Translated By: Ahmet Fethi

Dildilyan ailesinin fotoğraf arşivinden hazırlanmış bu kitap, Ermeniler'in Anadolu'daki iki bin yıllık tarihine ışık tutmaktadır. Kitaptaki bilgiler ailenin özel arşivindeki belge ve mektuplarla pekiştirilmiştir. Ailenin nalbantlık ve kunduracılıkla başlayan fotoğrafçılık geçmişi, Osmanlı'dan Cumhuriyet Dönemi ve sonrasına kadar sürmüş, Anadolu'nun farklı şehirlerinde (Merzifon, Sivas, Samsun) faaliyet göstermiş ve fotoğrafçılık tarihimizin bir mihenk taşı olmuştur.



Byzantine Constantinople

A detailed guide about Byzantine Istanbul.

Guide to Greek Civilization: Overview

KU faculty and students of relevant departments, as well as ANAMED’s and AKMED’s fellow researchers have a keen interest in matters related to Greek civilization, which creates the necessity for a wide variety of resources and tools. Suna Kıraç, ANAMED, and AKMED Libraries try to provide these resources and tools to the researchers. Created by SKL Reference Librarian Vasiliki Mole, this Lib Guide is complementary to the Libraries’ collection that will assist those interested with their research and will further support their knowledge on the subject.

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