Regular Fellowships

Regular fellowships are available to support approximately 10 PhD candidates* and 10 post-doc** and senior scholars*** for one academic year in Istanbul. Successful candidates for these fellowships are expected to reside in Istanbul during the nine-month academic year between 15 September and 15 June. A few post-doc and senior fellowships may be reserved for half-year terms. Applicants for regular fellowships are encouraged, but not required, to apply under one or more of ANAMED’s research themes. Projects unrelated to themes will be given full and impartial consideration in the review process. Theme selection(s) are made within the online application system. A few post-doc or senior applications for these fellowships that qualify as collaborative projects involving Koç University faculty, centers, or facilities will be preferred. Applicants for these collaborative fellowships must demonstrate previously established connections in the project description, and collaborating Koç University faculty must supply a reference letter as part of the application. 

Residential fellowships provide one round-trip travel to Istanbul, accommodation at ANAMED, five meals a week, a stipend, and a limited research budget. A few non-residential fellowships are available for those already resident in Istanbul and/or with families. Non-residential fellowships provide limited housing support, five meals a week, a stipend, and a limited research budget. 

*PhD Candidate – For advanced PhD students who have completed all coursework and examinations and are working on their  dissertations
**Post-Doctoral scholar – For scholars with PhD degrees granted after 15 September 2013; applicants must possess the PhD    degree by the time the fellowship period commences
***Senior scholar – For scholars with PhD degrees granted on or before 15 September 2013