TALKING HEAVY: Site Conservation, Documentation, and Presentation of Heavy Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin

Organized by the Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) in association with the British Museum Conservation Department. ​

Support provided by the British Museum’s International Training Programme.

The two-day workshop aims to bring together colleagues in order to share experiences and exchange ideas to create future collaborations between the countries of the Mediterranean basin, which hold a vast number of important archaeological and historical sites consisting of both movable and immovable heavy heritage. By ‘heavy’ we mean large items such as buildings, sculptures, wall paintings, and mosaics. These and similar items are often weighty, not easily moved or completely immovable, and present many challenges when in need of conservation/restoration, in situ study, or removal from sites.

The workshop focuses on theme-based case studies dealing with conservation, restoration, scientific analysis, documentation, and onsite presentation of archaeological/historical stone buildings, sculptures, wall paintings and mosaics, particularly within ‘site’ contexts, but off-site, as well, where challenges persist beyond removal from sites. We hope to explore the experiences of different of countries and discuss the practices and challenges of the latest research via a wide range of participants including conservators, archaeologists, conservation architects, engineers, conservation scientists, heritage consultants, and site managers working in the Mediterranean region. We plan to situate these discussions within four themes.



Each of the four themes mentioned above will be the focus of a session consisting of three or four 25-minute papers. In addition to 15 invited presenters, we hope the workshop will attract colleagues specialising in this field to attend and contribute their experiences to the discussion. The languages of the symposium will be Turkish and English, with simultaneous translation provided.

Admission to the workshop is free yet participants are expected to register for the event online. Following the workshop, presentations will be available via ANAMED website.

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