Willett, Patrick

University at Buffalo / University of Leuven

Research Title: Transforming Landscapes of Southwestern Anatolia: Social and Environmental Change in the Territory of Sagalassos during the Holocene

Patrick Willett is a PhD candidate in anthropology at SUNY Buffalo and in archaeology at the University of Leuven. His current research focuses on the long-term dynamic relationships between communities and their surroundings, particularly in economically marginal landscapes such as highlands and mountains. His project at ANAMED will form part of his doctoral dissertation, which will correlate the known settlement history and models of archaeological potential within the territory of ancient Sagalassos in southwest Türkiye, since the middle Holocene with available local and regional paleoenvironmental records. The goal of this research is to assess trends in human impact on the environment, human-environment interactions, and the resilience and sustainability of landscape systems over time, and the relationship between land cover, other landscape features, and settlement patterns in southwest Türkiye during the past several millennia.