ANAMED consists of three renovated buildings:

A Block
(the Merkez Han, with gallery, library, and office facilities),  

B Block
(with lounge, gallery, library, and office facilities), and 

C Block
(the residential block), restricted to residential fellows’ use.

The main (public) entrance is a door to the Merkez Han on İstiklal Caddesi (where there are signs for other affiliates as well).


The most direct entrance to the residential block is a door at No. 5 Nuri Ziya Street, just across from Odakule; it is restricted to residential fellows’ use. The Merkez Han door is closed at night, so late-night arrivals must use the No. 5 Nur-i Ziya Street entrance. The Nur-i Ziya entrance is open and staffed by security around the clock.