Ulaş, Burhan

Sapienza University of Rome, Lecce Salento Universty

Research Title: Reappraisal of Istanbul’s Prehistoric and Byzantine Periods through Archaeobotanical Analysis

Dr. Ulaş completed his PhD in 2015 with the thesis titled “Reconstruction of the Origin and Diffusion of Agriculture in the Near East: The Contribution of Morphological, Biometric, and Ethnobotanical Analysis“ at the Sapienza University of Rome. He has been conducting archaeobotanical research at the Mersin-Yumuktepe excavation in scientific cooperation with Lecce-Salentò University (Italy) Archaeobotany Laboratory since 2003. Ulaş carried out various research on macro-botanical plant remnants at the Archaeobotany Laboratory of Tubingen University (Germany) between 2007–2008 within the scope of his master’s thesis. At ANAMED, he will conduct a research project titled “Reappraisal of Istanbul’s Prehistoric and Byzantine Periods through Archaeobotanical Analysis.“ This project aims to contribute to scientific discussions within the framework of the historical reconstruction of Anatolia and Europe since Istanbul is a transition/diffusion region between these two different geographical regions as well as two different periods, namely the Prehistoric and Byzantine Periods. Moreover, since the number of archaeobotanical studies concerning the region is limited, this project will have the potential of filling the gap in this regard.