Trajectories of Sefarad

Trajectories of Sefarad

February-June 2019 

Curators: Oscar Aguirre Mandujano, Kerem Tınaz

Gallery Curator: Şeyda Çetin

Exhibition Design: BAREK

At the turn of the twentieth century, an important number of Ottoman Sephardic Jews departed from Ottoman territories for multiple directions. Their motivations varied. Some of them were in search of new economic and social opportunities; some others just followed their families and friends. In their journey, they were not alone. Their customs, traditions, lifestyles, memories and many important belongings traveled with them. Seattle was one of the many unexpected places that became a new home for the members of the Ottoman Sephardic community traveling from Rhodes, Istanbul, and Thessaloniki.

"Trajectories of Sefarad" narrates the transnational story of Ottoman Sephardic community in Seattle with a focus on their material culture. It showcases the heritage and legacy of their Ottoman past in their lives through the personal objects that they brought from the Ottoman Empire to Seattle, and that is housed today in the University of Washington’s Sephardic Treasures Collection. "Trajectories" is a unique exhibit in that it is the first display in former Ottoman lands to show the personal belongings of the descendants of the Ottoman Sephardic Jews living in Seattle and other parts of the US.