Thissen, Laurens Carolus

Thissen Archaeological Ceramics Bureau / TACB

Research Topic: Barcın Höyük Pottery – Integrating Residue Analysis and Final Stratigraphy

Dr. Thissen is owner of TACB, a company based in Amsterdam analysing prehistoric potteries from Türkiye, the Balkans, currently also from the Netherlands. From his early involvement with the Ilıpınar excavations (NW Türkiye) and his PhD research (University of Leiden) onward, his areas of interest are issues of neolithisation, connections and transformations between Türkiye and Europe; the ways people use to adopt new technologies; how they build, transmit and maintain traditions and form communities of practice; and by the perception of function and use of pottery through contextual and residue analysis. Since 2007 involved as ceramic specialist at Barcın Höyük all these foci of interest are coming together: the site is established by early farming communities coming from elsewhere, possibly Central Anatolia. Pottery is already known, but evolves in diverging ways compared to the homeland. As an ANAMED fellow, his work integrates Barcın residue data and pottery development with stratigraphy and on-site spatial arrangements. He tries to understand emerging diversity in the pottery and contrast it with an increasing sophistication in dairying processes. Indications that similar patterns of pottery use and variability are part of the general dispersal of farming across Europe make the responsibility to have the Barcın ceramic sequence as reliable as possible an essential one.