Environment and History: an Introductory Workshop

: 7-8 September 2020

Place: Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Application Deadline: TBA 

Organized by Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) and Princeton University’s Climate Change and History research Initiative (CCHRI), this introductory workshop is designed to introduce and familiarise junior scholars at all levels with the wide range of climate- and environmental-scientific approaches that may help them in their own historical and archaeological research. This is an intensive entry-level workshop and is geared towards History and Archaeology graduate students and junior faculty and require no previous knowledge of the subjects. The main aim of the CCHRI is to promote an approach to long-term historical and environmental change that involves the integration of natural and social science methodologies and techniques. Although the impact of climate and environmental stress on human social organization has been debated for many decades, natural scientists have joined the discussion only comparatively recently. While the data now available is of a quantitatively and qualitatively higher order than ever, facilitating a closer relationship between the natural and social sciences and the dangers of misconstruing or misusing the data from fields outside our own make it necessary to rethink how social and natural sciences can collaborate without ignoring the principles of research and analysis upon which both are founded.

The workshop will be conducted in English. For more information about the program and how to apply please see down below.

1. Requirements

  • Applicants should hold or be currently studying for a MA or PhD in history, archaeology or a related field within the humanities and social sciences; or currently hold a postdoctoral or a junior faculty position in a university or research institute, in the fields of history, archaeology or a similar/related field.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English.

2. Classes & Activities

12 sessions over two days dealing with a range of palae-science techniques and methods, and with approaches to integrating history, archaeology and science.  Each session will consist of a presentation led by a specialist scholar in the discipline in question, followed by open discussion.

3. Materials

All workshop materials will be provided electronically.


4. Presenters

Emeritus Prof. John Haldon (Princeton University) – Program Coordinator

John Haldon is a historian of the medieval eastern Roman (Byzantine) empire, in particular in the period from the seventh to the twelfth centuries; of state systems and structures across the European and Islamic worlds from late ancient to early modern times; on the impact of environmental stress on societal resilience in pre-modern social systems; and on the production, distribution and consumption of resources in the late ancient and medieval world. He is Director of the Princeton Climate Change and History Research Initiative, and of the Avkat Archaeological Project (Turkey).

5. Certificates 

ANAMED issues certificates to all participants who successfully complete the program.


6. Accommodation

  • Participants are expected to stay in the ANAMED Building. The workshop also take place in the same building.
  • Lunch is included. Participants receive vouchers to be redeemed at a restaurant nearby. 

7. Arrangements 

Airfare and visa arrangements and expenses are each participant’s own responsibility.

8. Fees and

There are no fees for participation in this workshop. Each participant will receive a workshop scholarship.

Workshop Scholarship covers accommodation at ANAMED, lunches, coffee breaks and full access to the ANAMED Library. Workshop participants will be required to pay only for airfare and personal expenses.

9. How to Apply

Before you apply, please do not forget to review the requirements section and make sure that you are eligible to apply.

To complete your application, please fill in the Application Form and ask from your recommender (who should be one of your current or recent academic advisers) to submit their recommendation letter directly via e-mail to anamedprograms@ku.edu.tr before the deadline.

It is important to underline that, owing to the functionality of the online form, the application must be completed and submitted in one session without closing the browser window. For a list of information required in the application form, click here.

Application Deadline:TBA
The results will be announced before the first week of May.

Please kindly get in contact with anamedprograms@ku.edu.tr for further inquiry.