Suarez, Aroa Garcia

University of Reading

Research Topic: Investigating Neolithic Ecology and Settlement Networks in the Konya Plain: Integrated Micro-Contextual Analysis of Buildings and Open Areas at Çatalhöyük East, Boncuklu Hüyük and Pınarbaşı

Ms.Garcia-Suarez’s doctoral project focuses on the investigation of local developments in sedentism and site networks during the Neolithic occupation of the Konya Plain through the stratigraphic microanalysis of buildings and open spaces at the prehistoric mega-site of Çatalhöyük (8th-6th millennium BC cal), the herder campsite of Pınarbaşı (9th-7th millennium BC cal), and the early agricultural settlement of Boncuklu (9th-8th millennium BC cal).
This research involves the micromorphological study of house floors and middens, aimed at identifying the nature, deposition, and periodicity of components indicating particular domestic activities such as storage, fuel procurement and cooking practices, with special attention to the ecological and social variations of these. Targeted microchemical analyses comprising FTIR, SEM-EDX and pXRF contribute to the characterisation of specific deposits and elements related to changes caused by human activities.
The integration of these high-resolution techniques has allowed for the identification of significant differences in the use of open areas between the three study sites, as well as for the documentation of continuity and change in the selection and use of architectural and fuel resources. Preliminary results highlight the complex relationship between Neolithic communities and their wider socio-ecological environs.