Strupler, Néhémie

University of Strasbourg, University of Münster, French Institute of Anatolian Studies

Research Topic: The Visualization of Diachronic Human-environment Interactions: A Model for the Milesian Peninsula

Dr. Strupler received his PhD in Archaeology in 2016 jointly from the University of Strasbourg and from the University of Münster. Before coming to ANAMED, he worked at the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul and was a fellow at the French Institute of Anatolian Studies in Istanbul. His dissertation, “The Lower City of Boğazköy during the Second Millennium BC,” examined the evolution of social patterns of the domestic quarters at the critical moment when the site became the political capital of the Hittites. Dr. Strupler is an Open Science and Free Software advocate and he is enthusiastic about developing theory and methods capable of exploring archaeological data through open and reproducible standards. At ANAMED his project aims to characterize the nature and intensity of human-environment interactions on the Milesian Peninsula (Aydın Province, southwestern Türkiye) from the prehistoric to the Ottoman era (ca. 5th millennium BC–2nd millennium AD). This work is mainly based on results of the Panormos Project led by Dr. Slawisch and Dr. T.C. Wilkinson.