Sökmen, Emine

Hitit Üniversitesi

Research Title: Water and Power: Water Management in Historic Landscape of Çorum – Alaca Region

Dr. Sökmen received her PhD from Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2016 with her research on the fortresses of the Mithradatic Kingdom based on their spatial attributes to illuminate their importance in the Pontic Kingdom’s administration. Recently, she has been working on a book based on her dissertation. She holds a MS in Settlement Archaeology from METU and BS in History from Ankara University. Currently, she is an assistant professor of archaeology at Hitit University. Since 2017, she has been conducting the Örükaya Archaeological Research Project in the Alaca Region / Çorum with the goal of examining Roman water management strategies in Asia Minor. The research she is undertaking at ANAMED aims to explore hydraulic innovations and solutions in mid-Northern Anatolia and to assess the factors that determined the continuity of water management practices, specifically the Çorum-Alaca region in Yeşilırmak Basin through the imperial periods, from the Hittites to the Ottoman Empire, and modern times. This study will provide a holistic analysis for the region by investigating human-nature interactions, in other words cultural and natural systems: specifically, how cultures shape landscape in terms of water management.