Shukurov, Rustam

Moscow State University

Research Topic: Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Muslim Anatolia, ca. 1100–1400

Dr. Shukurov’s current research project attempts to problematize and analyze the nature of the permeability of borders between Byzantine Christian and Anatolian Muslim cultural spaces. His hypothesis is that the significant physical and culturally active presence of Christians (both Orthodox and Heterodox) in Muslim Anatolia constituted a firm common ground for heterogeneous Anatolian cultural space. The presence and role of Christians in Muslim cultural space is analyzed in particular by means of a prosopographic study based on all available Greek, Persian, Arabic, and Armenian textual sources of the time. Christians in Muslim Asia Minor made an outstanding impact on the Muslim element proper: on local textual production (narrative, documentary, scientific, and literary), Muslim book production, and Anatolian art and architecture.