Sewing, Katinka

Heidelberg University

Research Topic: New research on late antique pilgrimage. Architecture, archaeology and historical context of a neglected church complex in Ephesus

Ms. Sewing is a PhD candidate at Heidelberg University. The starting point of her PhD project is the analysis of a huge ecclesiastical building complex on the Aegean coast near Ephesus. The peculiar layout of the complex, its decoration, and associated finds point to an interpretation as an important pilgrim church. Her first aim at ANAMED is a comprehensive study of the building complex based on the methods of both archaeology and historical building research. Because of the good state of preservation of the building, this will enhance our knowledge of construction techniques and the layout of Late Antique churches and of pilgrim centers in Asia Minor. A further goal is the interpretation of the site itself: the church has to be put in its topographical as well as its historical context. She will also examine the development of the pilgrim church, its connection to the city and its relation to the other, well-known pilgrimage sites of Ephesus. The results will enhance our knowledge of the sacred topography of Christian Ephesus. Answering all these questions will be an important progress not only for this specific project but also for a closer understanding of Late Antique and Byzantine Asia Minor in general.