Scott, Catherine Barclay

Brandeis University

Research Title: Special Features at Kaymakçı: Improving Understanding of Regional Practices from Fine-Grained 3D and Contextual Analysis of Burning Features and Ritual Caches 

Dr. Scott is an archaeologist specializing in the use and organization of space at 2nd millennium BCE citadels in western Anatolia. She received her PhD from Boston University in 2019; her dissertation centered on sediment chemistry as a method for identifying and mapping activity areas, with particular focus on the 2nd millennium BCE citadel of Kaymakçı. At ANAMED, she is conducting a collaborative study using 3D models and other data to investigate special features—including burning features and ritual caches—at Kaymakçı. This study will examine the construction of these features, how they were used, and the roles they played in daily life at the settlement. 

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