Schönicke, Julia Nadine 

Freie Universität Berlin and Orient Department / German Archaeological Institute (DAI)

Research Title: Neolithic Ways of Life in Göbekli Tepe

Ms. Schönicke is a PhD candidate working in the Göbekli Tepe Project since 2017. She completed her Masters degree in Near Eastern Archaeology at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her dissertation project, “Neolithic Ways of Life at Göbekli Tepe,” focuses on intra-site abandonment and site formation processes with emphasis on microarchaeological studies and sediment analyses.

Besides her specialization in the Anatolian Pre-Pottery Neolithic, Schönicke worked in Turkmenistan (Neolithic/Chalcolithic period), Fujairah/UAE (Bronze and Iron Age), Qatar (Neolithic to Colonial Era), and Germany (Iron Age and Historic Archaeology). Her research interests also include landscape archaeology and architecture sociology, the reconstruction of daily practices and social inequality, and pyrotechnology.

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