Rembart, Laura

Austrian Archaeological Institute, Central Branch Vienna

Research Topic: The Marmara Lake Basin in the Roman Period: an Analysis of Ceramics from the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey

Ms. Rembart is a PhD student at the Department of Classical Archaeology of the University of Salzburg. Since her master thesis the focus of her research lies on pottery studies from the Eastern Mediterranean region in Hellenistic and Roman Times. In all the years that she has worked in Ephesus/Türkiye and Syene/Egypt her interest on the acculturation of these areas increased, especially how the Hellenistic and Roman world had an influence on daily life in the provinces. On this matter the economic archaeology also plays an important role. Trade relationships show the interaction of different regions throughout the Mediterranean no matter how far away they are.
At ANAMED she will analyse the Roman pottery from the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, especially from the Marmara Lake Basin. It will be interesting to see how Lydia developed and how the region was influenced at that time in comparison with neighbouring regions, like Ionia.