Is it mandatory for participants to reside in ANAMED's facilities? I am a resident of Istanbul and have my own accommodation.

Since the Ottoman and Ancient Languages of Anatolia Summer Programs are intensive programs, which lasts more than 3 weeks, it is encouraged for participants to reside in the ANAMED building.

Will there be any reduction on the fee, if I choose to stay elsewhere?

Unfortunately, there will be no reduction in program fees in any cases.

Can my recommender send my recommendation letter in Turkish, or should it be in English?

We accept both English and Turkish recommendation letters for Ottoman and Ancient Languages of Anatolia Summer Programs. However, for Cappadocia in Context Summer Program and Environmental Archaeology Training Program your letter needs to be submitted in English.

I am planning to apply one of the ANAMED Summer Programs. Do I need to be efficient in English?

Yes, since the language of instruction is English for all of the ANAMED Summer Programs, candidates must be conversant in English. However, please see “1.Requirements” for the Ottoman Summer Program and the Environmental Archaeology Training Program.

How many days of the week should I attend to the program?

Unless, you have an extraordinary situation, we expect you to attend all the classes. For detailed information, please check the tentative syllabus of the program you would like to apply.

In the last two weeks of the program I will be outside of Istanbul, so I would like to find out if it is possible to participate half of the program?

No, it is not possible to participate partially to the program. We assume that candidates who accept to participate the program will be available during the program dates.

Please kindly get in contact with for further inquiry.