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Koç Üniversitesi Mobil is the official mobile application of the university. It is designed to enhance the experience of university members with personalized information and easy access to online university services.

You can download the application from the links below.

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ANAMED fellows can enter Turkey with a Tourist Visa obtained through the e-Visa Application system which is a government portal run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. To check if you are eligible for an e-Visa, click “Apply Now” on the e-Visa website ( and select your nationality.

We’d like to draw your attention to Koç University’s International Community Office (ICO):

The ICO website contains some useful information, and you should know that ICO staff are responsible for all formal issues concerning ANAMED fellow visas, residence permits, and other international community topics. We provide a link between you and the ICO, but it is the ICO staff that handle such things for all international members of the Koç University community. Please direct your visa and/or residence permit related questions to ICO

Please note the following:

– Your passport must be valid at least for 1 year from the commencement of the fellowship period. Depending on your nationality, some additional requirements may need to be met. You will be informed of these after you select your nationality and travel dates.

– Citizens of countries who are allowed to enter Turkey with their national IDs in accordance with the “European Agreement on Regulations Governing the Movement of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe” are exempted from this provision. However, each fellow must still bring with them a valid passport in order to apply for a residence permit for visits longer than 90 days.

– Please DO NOT lose your visa documents issued by the online system or given at the airport when you enter Turkey. Also please be sure to bring them with you on orientation day (Date To Be Announced).


Residence Permit Application

International researchers who are going to stay in Turkey for longer than their visa or visa exemption periods, usually 3 months, are legally obliged to apply for a researcher residence permit. International Community Services Office (ICO) attends to the legal obligations of each international researcher in collaboration with respective program and administrative offices from the moment of acceptance and official enrollment. Therefore, you will be applying for a Researcher Residence Permit (RRP) with the guidance and support of the ICO after signing your contract with ANAMED. ICO will individually reach you via e-mail for this purpose in late September. You can find the important notes and the steps below.

RRP Application Steps

  1. Receive ICO instructions. The office will ask for some initial data for your online application form.
  2. E-Mail the data it requests.
  3. Collect the required documents listed in the e-mail.
  4. Send photos of documents you collect to ICO so that it can check them. In your e-mail, inform the office to start your online application.
  5. Visit ANAMED to pick an official file to file your application documents.
  6. Visit the Provincial Migration Directorate (Address will be given) on your appointment date to submit your application file and provide your fingerprint. It is important to have your passport with you on your visit.

Important Documents related to RRP for Non-Turkish Fellows:

  • Passport
  • E-Visa document (Please do not lost your visa document)
  • Previously issued residence permits (if any)
  • 4 Biometric Photos

Important Notes:

  • All applicants must be present in Turkey at the time of application and evaluation.
  • If the applicant departs from Turkey before their application gets evaluated, their application gets rejected automatically. If this is the case for you, please notify us. The evaluation process may take a minimum of two weeks after submitting the application files.
  • The appointments are assigned approximately for the next or a couple of days after submitting the online application form.
  • There are card fee payments that each applicant needs to pay in their name. For this transaction, each dependent must have either a tax ID number or a foreigner ID number that starts with 99. To learn how to obtain a tax ID number, please check out the following link
  • You will need to be at the Migration Directorate to submit your application file and provide fingerprints on your assigned appointment date. You have to cooperate with the ICO during the application process. It is very crucial to keep in touch.


Good to Know

*The office is also very active on Instagram. We highly recommend you follow them: @icokocuniv