O’Grady, Caitlin

University College London

Research Title: Assembling and Legitimizing the Past: The Role of Conservation, Expertise, and Institutions in Transforming Archaeological Heritage in Turkey 

Dr. O’Grady is a trained conservator and conservation scientist. She is currently Lecturer in Conservation and Affiliate Tutor at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology. She received her BA in Art History from Case Western Reserve University, MA in Art History and Advanced Certificate in Objects Conservation from New York University and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Arizona. Currently, Dr. O’Grady is the Director of Conservation for the Kaymakçı Archaeological Project in western Turkey, where she is responsible for managing the conservation of artefacts and immovable heritage. Caitlin’s work focuses on the preservation and scientific analysis of pottery, historic conservation materials, lime-plaster wall paintings, and mudbrick, as well as the intersecting disciplinary histories of conservation, conservation science, and archaeology. Her ANAMED research investigates the roles of authority, expertise, and institutions in negotiating preservation and substantiating archaeological narratives of the past in Turkey.

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