Year of Online Events: ANAMED Library Talks 


2020 was a very sociable year for the ANAMED Library. In the course of 11 months, we hosted numerous academicians and researchers in a variety of topics through our ANAMED Library talksThe first three talks of the year were held onsite, as usual. Our Library transformed into a small auditorium for the day, hosting the speakers and the audience. And then Covid-19 appeared on the stage, changing the established norms and forcing extreme changes and measures. From April 2020 onwards, the Library talks were held with the assistance of Zoom. The lack of facetoface meetings was overcome with the benefit of being able to host a bigger and more diverse audience, as not only could we accommodate more people virtually, but we were also able to invite international speakers and be open to international participants. 


Our ANAMED Library talks, a collaborative initiative with the History Foundation, continue in 2021.  We did our best to put together a program that comprises a wide variety of topics from renowned scholars from Türkiye and abroad. Take a look at the collective poster and mark the dates in your calendar! As always, there will be an individual monthly announcement for each talk. We will be happy to see you among the participants! 


And don’t forget, you can find all Library talks audio recordings on our SoundCloud account and the Zoom videos on our YouTube channel 





Watch Us on YouTube: Our New Channel 


In Spring 2020, we expanded our communication channels a bit more by opening an Instagram accountAs we have been hosting our Library talks online since last April and this seems to be an ongoing situation, as well as for other events that we will organize in the future, we decided it would be beneficial to open a YouTube channelAt the moment, you can find the Zoom video recordings of all 2020 talks there, and we will update the content on a monthly basis with the new talks and any other events. Follow us, and please spread the word! 😉   








Listen and Learn: ANAMED Library Podcast Series Completes a Year 


A big project we initiated in early 2020 has now concluded in a series of very interesting discussions about libraries and archives. The ANAMED Library Podcast Series entitled “Burada Konuşmak Serbest” includes monthly discussions with professionals in the fields of Library and Information Science, coordinated by our branch Librarian Irem Ünal, and Archivescoordinated by our branch Librarian Defne Gier. Podcasts are available on SpotifyAnchorGoogle Podcast, andApple Podcast. We will continue with more podcasts in 2021, addressing professionals outside Istanbul and also hosting international guests.  Stay tuned!    









Collection Inventory Control  


Do you know how to play “hide and seek” in the Library? We play this every two years, preferably during the summer period, and we call it Collection Inventory ControlThis is an important small-scale project for libraries, as it is necessary to control the status of the collection frequently for corrections and improvements. With the inventory control, we are able to find misplaced and missing material and, thus, tidy up the collection.  We completed the 2020 inventory control last summer, and this is perhaps a rare case when the pandemic and the library being closed to users helped a lot. The next control is scheduled for summer 2022. 






Library Instruction: Presentations, Instruction Sessions, and Seminars for KU Members 


A major service to the KU community is the educational role of the library.  All KU branch libraries participate in an established education program, scaled throughout the year and especially during the academic year. Sessions include instructions, seminars, workshops, and presentations designed specifically to meet the needs of a class, group, or individual. All sessions are listed in an online calendar,  making it easy for someone to browse, select the session(s) they are interested in, and register. Since March 2020, many of the recorded Zoom sessions are included in the Library Video Hub and are available for the KU community. 


The ANAMED Library team participates in the instruction program with seminars and presentations, most of them tailored to the research needs of the ANAMED Fellows. 








Important Donations on the Shelves: Search Our Online Catalog to Find Newly Donated Material in Our Collection 


An important cataloging task completed in 2020 was the addition of donated material into the library collection. Branch Librarian Irem Ünal catalogued and processed major donations, and the books and journals are now available in our collection. You can use our online catalog to browse the collection.   
Below are the donors who contributed to our collection development with their valuable collections: 


Geoffrey Summers – Archaeology, History 


Önder Bilgi – Archaeology 


Ömer Diler – Coins, stamps 








We are Ready to Open Our Doors Anytime:  ANAMED Library Covid-19 Reopening Policy and Onsite Preparations 

We might be closed for the time being, but we wont be closed forever! We hope to be able to welcome you back to the ANAMED and NIT Libraries and to resume all our services soon.  Nevertheless, this new phase must be aligned with the necessities imposed by the pandemic, for the safety and wellbeing of all. Within this frame, the Library team has worked diligently to prepare a re-opening policy that includes all regulations from how to enter the building to the working schedule, the available equipment, and more. The policy is ready to be announced publicly from the Library’s website, when the time comes. Additionally, we have prepared both the ANAMED and NIT Library areas by placing informative stickers on working areas and shelves, arranging furniture to ensure recommended distances, and organizing part of the collection. 






We Support the KU Community with Material, Even IPhysically Closed: Mediated Book Lending and Scan & Deliver Services 


Library operations and services have been affected by the pandemic, but we have worked hard to ensure full distance access to our e-resources and online research assistance. Being physically closed to the users means no access to the print collection. To remedy this, we have initiated a mediated book lending service for all Graduate Students and Faculty members until re-opening. Requests can be sent using the general online form or the ANAMED Library online formRequests can only be made for books currently available and located at the Suna Kıraç Library (Main Library) and all branch libraries. 
One more service to support the need for print material is Scan & DeliverThis service, which is open to KU students and faculty members, includes e-mailing of pages scanned from printed library resources within a framework determined by copyright law. You can use the online form to send us your requests for material located at the ANAMED Library.