1-Success of the ANAMED Librarians


We congratulate ANAMED Librarian, İrem Ünal, elected to the Turkish Librarians Association Istanbul Branch Board of Directors, and ANAMED Librarian N. Defne Gier, elected to the Women’s Library and Information Center Foundation’s (WLICF) General Assembly. We congratulate both and wish them success.





2-ANAMED Library activities 


  • Library Talks 

The ANAMED Library Talks, a monthly tradition for years, has continued undisrupted, regardless of the lack of in-person events. The 2021 program was designed with the aim of including speakers covering different topics. The big change in this year’s program is the addition of international scholars and Turkish scholars working abroad, in an attempt to introduce publications and projects outside the borders of Türkiye to the Turkish academic community and other participants, thus increasing the number of participants and promoting ANAMED and the ANAMED Library to an international academic community.  Detailed information about previous Library Talks, as well as upcoming ones, can be found on the ANAMED Library’s website. 




  • Podcasts 

Since June 2020, when the ANAMED Library team initiated the “Burada Konuşmak Serbest” (Speaking is Allowed Here), we have hosted 24 professionals from different institutions who have shared their experience and developments, projects, innovations, and ideas in libraries and archives. As of April 2021, we added the “International Guest” section, inviting professionals from abroad to share with the Turkish Librarianship and Archives community their working experience and more. You can listen to all podcasts through the ANAMED Library Spotify account. 





  • Manuscripts Preservation Seminar 

This seminar, organized by the ANAMED Library, was given by Nil Baydar, the director of the Book Hospital and Archive Department at the Türkiye Manuscript Institution. Manuscripts are precious books that are used, read, noted, circulated from hand to hand, and repaired when worn out. In this seminar, the speaker explained, using actual examples, several contemporary conservation approaches and discussed problems encountered during the protection of manuscripts and actions to be taken to protect them. You can find the seminar on the ANAMED Library’s Youtube channel. 





3-Joint Events with Suna Kıraç Library 



  • Preservation Week 

Within the scope of “International Preservation Week” (April 25 – May 1), Suna Kıraç Library, with the participation of Nathalie Defne Gier, the ANAMED Library Branch Librarian, organized a talk with Arzu Öztürkmen and Selçuk Esenbel entitled “Preserving Oral History.”  Preservation Week is an awareness week founded by the American Library Association (ALA) in 2005, and it aims to raise awareness of the preservation of different topics that concern libraries, archives, and cultural and educational institutions. Öztürkmen and Esenbel, two distinguished academics from Bogaziçi University, contributed immensely to the foundation of oral history studies in Türkiye. You can find the talk on ANAMED Library’s Youtube  and Soundcloud accounts. Complimentary with the talk, Defne also created a LibGuide about archive preservation. 





  • International Archives Conference 

Coinciding with International Archives Week, the Suna Kıraç Library hosted an online conference on June 9th entitled “The Promises of Archives: Exploring Diversity in the Digital Age.” In total, eight experts attended from various institutions in Türkiye, Belgium, the US, the UK, and Italy. The conference was organized in three sessions, with a total of six talks. Different topics such as the management of digital archives, digital human sciences projects, digital preservation, and blockchain technology in this field were discussed. ANAMED Library Branch Librarian Nathalie Defne Gier and Suna Kıraç Library Archive Specialist Mustafa Ergül were responsible for conference organization: determining the topic, inviting the speakers, creating the program, preparing the announcements, moderating the sessions, and writing a blog post about the event. 





  • #KULibTreasureGallery – Library Travelogues 

Koç University Libraries, hosting valuable material in their collections, decided to launch a three-month project with the theme “library travelogues.”  Current publications, rare material, digital exhibitions, blog posts, podcasts, a workshop, and a two-day conference made up this initiative in an attempt to enhance visibility and attract the attention of a wider audience. SKL, ANAMED, AKMED, and VEKAM joined forces to follow the steps of travelers, explorers, and scholars who monitored their travel experiences in Anatolia up until the 19th century. Find out more by browsing the related LibGuide. 





4-ANAMED Fellow Research Output Documentation and Analysis 


It’s essential for researchers in today’s metric-based world of academia to distinguish themselves from the millions of other researchers and promote their work. Additionally, it is an obvious and important way for ANAMED to track the careers of ANAMED fellows, to monitor their progress and publications, and to promote their intellectual production. As part of this effort, the ANAMED Library team undertook the responsibility of assisting 2020–2021 ANAMED fellows in creating their Researcher IDs and adding their publications into the reference management tool Zotero. In addition, the team prepared detailed guidelines for 2021–2022 fellows regarding these required preliminary tasks and has planned a series of trainings once they start their fellowship. As a last stage of this project, as many past fellows’ Researcher IDs as possible have been added to the related lists, and their ANAMED-related publications have been added into the institutional Zotero account. 






The ANAMED Library team supports fellows, as well as the KU academic community, with seminars and trainings. New titles were added this year covering topics most related to the disciplines of interest to ANAMED.   



  • – The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) 
  • – Patrologia Graeca 
  • – The Artstor Digital Library 
  • – Archives Unbound 



You can find these and many more recorded webinars in the Library Video Hub