Mokrisova, Jana

University of Michigan

Research Topic: The Role of Human Mobility in the Late Bronze to Early Iron Age Transition in Southwest Anatolia

Ms. Mokrisova is a PhD candidate in the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages in western Anatolia and the eastern Aegean, theoretical approaches to mobility, identity formation processes and material culture change. Her dissertation examines the role of human mobility with the aim of evaluating the extent to which different forms of movements might have contributed to the changing sociocultural milieu in western Anatolia and the southeastern Aegean during the end of the 2nd millennium and the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE. In addition to past survey and excavation experience in Italy, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Georgia (Vani Regional Survey), I am currently working in Greece (Serraglio, Eleona, and Langada Archaeological Project on Kos) and in Türkiye (Kaymakçı Archaeological Project).