ANAMED residential facilities are for fellows and their accompanying spouses/partners. Hereafter, accompanying spouses/partners refers to dependents indicated in your acceptance letter. 
* Fellows can check in to their rooms up to two days before the start of the fellowship term.



All rooms are furnished with a bed, closet, desk, chair, telephone, TV, and bathroom. While rooms are provided also with a kettle, a refrigerator, microwave, and a set of two cups, glasses, plates, cutlery, etc., cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited. If you would like to cook a meal, please use the kitchen (B Block, -1). Fellows are responsible for their own incidentals (e.g., paper towels, toilet paper), as well as for ordering their own drinking water (guidance for which is available from the security guards). 

Each room is furnished with its own room-specific heating, cooling, and ventilation unit. If you have trouble operating your unit, please contact Ayşen Kodan for instructions or repairs. 

ANAMED custodial staff cleans fellows’ rooms twice a week and changes sheets and towels once a week at regularly scheduled times. Ayşen Kodan will share the cleaning schedule by email at the beginning of the semester. Regular cleaning of the rooms is essential for maintenance of the building as well as public health. By signing the contract, ANAMED residential fellows agree to this weekly cleaning schedule and CANNOT refuse service. 

Trash and toilet-paper bins in fellows’ rooms are emptied during the weekly cleaning. Fellows may use the containers on each floor for additional trash. It is difficult to clean rooms in which surfaces are covered with clothing or personal effects. Custodial staff may slightly rearrange your belongings if they interfere with cleaning tools or prevent cleaning processes. For the well-being of all, fellows are required to observe basic rules and practices of hygiene.




The historical Merkez Han building is located on İstiklal Caddesi which, while providing many advantages being located in the center of the city, can also be very noisy. The voices of street musicians and the noise from bars in the evenings can cause discomfort.



*We advise that you bring high-quality ear plugs and/ or noise-cancelling headphones in case you are sensitive to such disturbances.


Each room is equipped with a telephone.  

Making In-House Calls

The standard phone is only available for internal calls. You can call offices or rooms directly. For office numbers please see the personnel list above. If you want to call one of the rooms, you must add zeroes in front of the room number to create a 3-digit room number (e.g., dial “001” for Room 1 and “025” for Room 25). 

Receiving Calls

The telephone is open to receive international and local calls. In order to receive calls, provide the main number of the information desk, “90 212 393 60 00”, from which connections can be made to your room. Alternatively, provide the direct number to your room: replace the “0 00” at the end of the main number with your 3-digit room number (e.g., dial “90 212 393 60 01” for Room 1 and “90 212 393 60 25” for Room 25). 

Making Outside Local and/or International Calls

If you want to make outside calls (whether local or international), you should first contact Ayşen Kodan to arrange for invoicing and the opening of the line. Once this is arranged, dial “9” to get an outside line before dialing the rest of the phone number. 


The TV is provided with basic Digiturk cable service. If you have problems operating your remote control or navigating Digiturk’s menus, please contact Ayşen Kodan. Please respect the research environment of ANAMED by keeping volumes low. 

Check-out procedure

Fellows can stay up to two extra days after the end of the fellowship term. Extra time beyond this will not be possible; requests should be avoided.  

To complete the check-out procedure, each fellow must return to Duygu Tarkan his/her (1) meal card, (2) Koç University ID card, (3) mobile phone, and (4) Library exit form
Must return to the main security office (-1 floor, Nur-I Ziya entrance) or the reception desk his/her (1) building access card, (2) room key card, and (3) study room key.  

ANAMED has no surplus storage space. Therefore, fellows must take all belongings with them at or before the time of check-out. Custodial staff will remove and discard any items left in rooms immediately after check-out. ANAMED staff is not responsible for any items left in rooms after check-out.  


All ANAMED bathrooms (including those in Fellows’ rooms) contain receptacles for used toilet paper. DO NOT FLUSH toilet paper or anything else down toilets, as clogging will cause the catastrophic failure of the system. 


A small kitchen located on the basement floor of B block (-1) is available for use by fellows. ANAMED provides pots, pans, plates, and other cooking and eating implements for use by fellows. Those who take advantage of the kitchen need to respect some rules of common usage: 

  • Keep no personal food nor cooking-related items in the kitchen (these should be stored in fellows’ rooms) 
  • Use only the stove, microwave, and/or small oven: do not use the large oven
  • Return any items removed from the kitchen immediately after use,
  • Clean, dry, and re-shelve used kitchen items immediately after use,
  • Clean any and all kitchen surfaces and areas immediately after use,
  • Inform staff of any items you damage or brake immediately (replacements will be charged against monthly stipends). 


The Laundry room is located on the basement floor of A Block (-1) and is furnished with two washers, dryers, irons, and an ironing board for the free use of fellows and spouses/partners. Fellows will have access to this room from 08:30 to 22:00 daily. Fellows are responsible for their own detergent, fabric softener, etc. 

Fellows should use the sign-up sheets posted in the laundry room to reserve the machines and are requested to limit their use of any one machine to two consecutive two-hour periods per day. Please make sure to clean the lint filters after every use of the dryer and to keep the laundry area as clean as possible. If there are any problems with the machines, please report them immediately to Ayşen Kodan. Guests to ANAMED are invited to use the laundry service at Pertek on Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:61 (www.pertekkurutemizleme.com.tr), very close to ANAMED. Pertek is also recommended for dry cleaning.


Each ANAMED fellow is allowed to host one guest at a time in his/her room for a period of up to 10 days. Please inform Duygu Tarkan at least one week in advance of any anticipated visit. No unannounced guests are permitted for security reasons, and guest visiting ANAMED must leave his/her Identity Card or Passport or Driver’s License with the security office for the duration of their stay.
*Detailed directive of the guest policy will be shared separately.


Common Areas & Lounge

In each of its many common areas, please respect the collegial research environment of ANAMED by keeping conversation and TV volumes low, restricting mobile phone usage, and generally being considerate of others. Telephone usage of any kind in the fellows’ study room and libraries is strictly prohibited.


The lounge (B Block, -1) is reserved for fellows and staff. Wednesday teas and related talks may be held in this venue. It is furnished with a television set, newspapers, and magazines. Avoid unnecessarily loud noise and be courteous of others while using the lounge. Should fellows decide to turn on the TV, the volume should be kept very low.

Environmental Archaeology Working Space 

A new ANAMED initiative in Environmental Archaeology aims to develop institutional expertise, collaborate with ongoing Koç University research projects, and offer workshops and training programs in this important field that offers significant opportunities to enrich understandings of Anatolian civilizations across all periods.



The Training room is located next to the Lounge (B Block -1) and houses growing botanical and zoological reference collections, two stereomicroscopes, one polarized & reflected-light microscope, twelve binocular training microscopes, and associated research tools and equipment. This room is accessible only with special key cards because of the sensitivity of the materials it contains.

Fellows who wish to use this room to work on collections and/or their own archaeological materials should contact Duygu Tarkan to obtain authorization.


The terraces of ANAMED have fine views of the Golden Horn and Sea of Marmara, lighting, and seating. The use of the terraces is restricted to ANAMED fellows, their spouses/partners, staff, to NIT staff, and to KU affiliates.



3rd Floor (Academic Floor)

The entire 3rd floor is reserved for fellows and is open 24/7. The floor consists of the Fellows’ Study Room, Seminar Room, and Small and Large Meeting rooms.


Basic information-technology support will be available through the Koç University IT office; secretarial services and office supplies are NOT provided. For the printers, fellows should bring their OWN paper.

During office hours, tea, coffee, and water will be available outside the study room on the 3rd floor free of charge. These resources are for the community and should not be taken to fellows’ rooms for private use. The bulletin boards outside the study room are used for conference, symposium, and lecture announcements. 

The Fellows’ Study Room is located on the 3rd floor of A Block, with study desks and lockers for all fellows, a white board, and a printer.

The Small Meeting Room is located on the 3rd floor of A block and is reserved for Project Fellows ONLY.

The Large Meeting Room is located on the 3rd floor of A block. Fellows and KU affiliates must make reservations with Ayşen Kodan in advance of requested meetings. Due to the pandemic, participants should not number more than 5 people and should be kept to 1.5 hours or less.

The Seminar Room is located on the 3rd floor of A Block. Although this room is normally used for academic workshops/classes, conferences, and meetings, due to the pandemic, it will be left open to fellows’ use, in addition to the study room, to enable appropriate social distancing.


A ~130 seat auditorium is located on the basement floor of C Block (-2). Usage policies under pandemic conditions are under development.



Smoking Policy

Smoking in any interior ANAMED space, public or private, is strictly prohibited. Smokers are invited to smoke outside, either on a roof terrace or outside the Nur-i Ziya door.
*Smoking in fellows’ rooms is strictly prohibited for reasons of safety and courtesy.

Pet Policy

ANAMED has a no-pet policy.