Sergios Menelaou

The University of Sheffield

Research Title: Connectivity and Interaction between Samos and the Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region in the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age: An Integrated Ceramic Perspective

Dr. Menelaou has recently obtained his PhD from the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield and specializes in prehistoric Aegean Archaeology, particularly in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age (EBA) periods. He is particularly interested in the application of an integrated methodology that combines the traditional study of ceramics and the application of scientific analytical techniques (ceramic petrography, scanning electron microscopy), with a special concern for recovering technological information of pottery production, usage, and circulation. He has been a member of the project “The Prehistoric Settlement at Heraion on Samos (Sacred Road)” since 2009, led by the University of Cyprus (Dr O. Kouka) and the German Archaeological Institute at Athens, where his research is focused on the multi-scalar analysis of EBA pottery from the new and older excavations at the same site. His project at ANAMED extends this research towards the contextualisation of Samos and the east Aegean within EBA western Anatolian ceramic developments, especially the southwestern part. Based on preliminary observations obtained through his PhD, this project also involves the macroscopic and microscopic examination of comparative ceramic material from a number of Aegean and Anatolian sites, as well as the petrographic analysis of selected samples from the Neolithic site of Kastro-Tigani on Samos. This research sheds light into a largely neglected geographical area based on a conceptual approach invoking mobility and connectivity.