Makri, Dimitra

University of Ioannina

Research Title: The Culture of Myrrh and Perfumes in Asia Minor during the Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Periods

Dr. Makri holds an MA (2013) and a PhD (2019) in Classical Philology and Papyrology from the Univesity of Ioannina (Doctoral thesisWine, Beerand other Beverages in Egypt in the Light of Greek Papyri). She was a recipient of the Ernst-Mach Stipendium from the University of Vienna ithe academic year 20172018. In 2019she was awarded a scholarship for academic excellence by the University of Ioannina. She was employed as a Post-Doctoral researcher within the framework of the project “Λύχνος καιόμενος: The Oil-Lamp in Egypt under the Light of Greek Papyri” funded by grants of the European Union (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework 20142020). Her project at ANAMED focuses on aspects such as the technology behind the production of myrrh and perfumes of Asia Minor, as well as their significance in medicine and cosmetology during the Graeco-Roman and Byzantine periods. Another part of the project is dedicated to their economic dimensions and the social status of their producers/sellers, while the topic of weights and measures of the perfumes will also be examined. 

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