ANAMED and NIT Libraries Membership

Koç University’s Research Center for Antatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) and Netherlands Institute in Türkiye libraries and the collections of American Research in Türkiye and Turkish (ARIT) and Turkish Institute of Archaeology (TEBE) can be used by filling the Online Application Form.

The Library’s membership conditions ensure that members have appropriate access to Library resources and services. To become a member of the ANAMED and NIT Libraries operating in Koç University Legal Entity, the following conditions must be met, and the following definitions and abbreviations shall be taken as basis for these conditions.



  • KU: Koç University
  • ANAMED: Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations
  • NIT: Netherlands Institute in Türkiye
  • ARIT: American Research Institute in Türkiye
  • TEBE: Turkish Institute of Archaeology
  • ICLS: Inter Campus Loan Service
  • ILL: Inter Library Loan



  • Library use: Use of printed and electronic Library material only in the Library area.
  • Borrowing rights: The right to borrow and use certain materials out of the ANAMED Library. This right is only granted to the members of the Koç University and ANAMED fellows.
  • KU Community Membership: Only granted to Koç University members and ANAMED Fellows. Provides library use to both ANAMED and NIT Libraries as well as the ARIT and TEBE collections, also allows to borrow materials from the ANAMED collection.
  • NIT Membership: Granted to NIT staff and fellows. Provides library use of NIT Library.
  • External Membership: Granted to researchers working in the related fields, who are not members of Koç University. Provides library use to both ANAMED and NIT Libraries as well as the ARIT and TEBE collections. Does not allow to borrow material from the ANAMED collection.



  • The use and loan rights of ANAMED and NIT Libraries are defined within the framework of membership system.
  • Members of Koç University and ANAMED fellows are considered as the natural members of ANAMED and NIT libraries. They do not need to apply for external membership.
  • Koç University ID card holders can use both Library areas, borrow materials from the ANAMED Library, and benefit from Library services.
  • NIT members can use the NIT Library without needing any further application.
  • The NIT Library and the ARIT and TEBE collections do not provide a lending service. All materials belonging to these collections are for Library use only. The borrowing rights and document delivery system for ANAMED Library can be seen at the ANAMED Library services section.
  • Post-graduate researchers, academics and independent researchers working in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, architectural history, art history, cultural heritage, cultural conservation, history, museum studies and urban studies and who are not members of Koç University, may apply to become external members of the Library.
  • You can apply for membership using the Online Application Form
  • To complete the membership application, you need to submit a portrait photograph and the following documents:
  • For faculty:

Official staff ID and/or an official letter from the affiliated institution indicating the teaching activity.

  • For graduate / doctoral students:

Student certificate

  • For independent researchers:

A document describing the project and the need to use at least one of the collections,

If you are working in an institution operating in the areas mentioned above, the identity card of that institution.

  • For undergraduate students studying in the above-mentioned fields at other universities and working on a specific project:

A letter of intent that explains the need to use the ANAMED and NIT collections approved by their departments / supervisors and the duration of the project.

The Online Application Form may be sent to the ANAMED Library only after all the mandatory fields have been completed and documents submitted.

  • Incomplete applications will be ignored.
  • Temporary external membership cards may be issued to undergraduate students depending on the nature and duration of their project/research
  • All external members are given a Library card. They are obliged to show their Library cards to the security at the entrance of Merkez Han or when they are asked by the Library staff. External members may also be requested to show an official ID in case of a suspicion.
  • In case of any change in the membership status or of the termination of membership due to violation of these membership conditions, a notification will be sent to member’s declared e-mail address. In case of any change of their e-mail address, users must inform the ANAMED Library staff.
  • External membership rights are given for 1 year. Membership is not automatically renewed when the time expires. The renewal process requires a new membership request using the online membership form and uploading the necessary documents as stated above.
  • Membership conditions signed forms are valid for 1 year, as long as the membership is active. In cases of short time membership (e.g. undergraduate students / visitors) the signed form is valid during this specific time range.  Library is keeping the print signed forms as a validation of the membership.  After the expiration of the membership, the forms are destroyed.  A new form must be signed upon the renewal of the membership.