American Research Institute in Türkiye (ARIT) Library

American Research Institute in Türkiye (ARIT) was founded in 1964 by a group of scholars representing 12 American and Canadian universities. The institute has branches in İstanbul and Ankara. The ARIT Istanbul Library contains about 16.000 volumes covering the Byzantine, Ottoman and modern Turkish periods, with close to 12.000 monograph titles and full or partial runs of 180 journals. The Byzantine collection, currently about 5.000 titles, was founded by a donation of 4.000 volumes from the estate of Prof. Kenneth Snipes in 1997. The bulk of the monograph collection is devoted to Ottoman and Turkish studies, supplemented by works on Islam and the Middle East in general. In addition the library houses a collection of about 3.000 items donated by the American Board of Missions consisting of 19th and 20th century Ottoman Turkish history, travel and memoirs, missionary history, journals and large variety of Board publications.