Admission Process at the ANAMED and NIT Libraries

ANAMED and NIT Libraries are open only for users who have submitted the ANAMED and NIT Libraries Joint Membership Form and received membership approval (Koç University members do not need to fill the membership and appointment forms).

The library is open to users only by appointment. Users who have renewed and confirmed their membership could forward their appointment requests to the library managers by submitting the ANAMED and NIT Library Usage Appointment Form. The users whose appointment request is approved will be informed by an e-mail from the library. Users who do not have a confirmation e-mail will not be accepted to the premises. Appointment requests are confirmed within two days at the latest, depending on the seating capacity available.

At the entrance of the ANAMED building, all users will have to provide HES codes, as well as their vaccination cards, or, alternatively, negative PCR test results from the last 72 hours. Users must be fully vaccinated or have a negative PCR-test result. Users who fail to meet these requirements will not be admitted to the library, even if they have an approved appointment.
ANAMED and NIT Members may use the ANAMED Library Block A and NIT Library as a working area. B Block study area is reserved for Koç University members.

Appointment Form

For ANAMED and NIT Libraries Appointment form click here.

Working Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 09:00-18:00
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Social Distancing and Guidelines

Users who come to the ANAMED Library must use the stairs. Elevators are not available to library users.
The use of masks is mandatory in the library. Regular checks and warnings will be made by librarians. Entraning the library without masks will not be allowed. Users should clean their hands regularly by washing or using the disinfectant gel that will be provided at the Reference desks of both libraries.

Users are expected to discard all protective materials used for precautionary purposes against COVID-19 in the ‘Other Waste Bin’. (The waste bins are at the entrance of the stairs going down to ANAMED A Block.)

Library staff will receive only one person at a given time at the Reference desk, so as to maintain social distance.
The windows in the Block A section will be kept open at least for 5 minutes per hour for better air circulation in the ANAMED Library. An air cleaning machine has been commissioned for air circulation in the NIT Library.


The computers for the users are available only for resource browsing. Users should wash their hands before using the computers and disinfect the computer before and after use.

Scanners are available for use. Users should wash their hands before using the scanners and disinfect the scanner and the keyboard before and after use.

Printing is allowed. Printout fee is only paid by credit card at the reference desk.

Personal Items

Users are not allowed to bring any personal belongings other than laptops and notebooks into the library. All personal items should be placed in lockers located next to the Reference desk.

It is forbidden to consume food and drink (except water) in the library space.

The Collection

Members cannot benefit from the book borrowing service. However, they can use the printed collection of the ANAMED and NIT Libraries and once they are connected to the ANAMED Building wifi they can have access to the databases and e-resources that Koç University Suna Kıraç Library is subscribed to. Members may keep the books that they are using on the “books in use” shelf. They should write their names on a piece of paper and place it on the cover of the book. This shelf will be emptied by library staff at the beginning of every month.

Accessing Library Resources

You may check our online catalogs and resources below:

1. You may use the InKUire catalog located on the library website homepage to access e-book and journal articles.
2. You may research the ANAMED library catalog here and the NIT library catalog here.
3. Our Subject Librarians have prepared different subject guides for you. You may find numerous topic guides on Libguides.