Kyriakidis, Savvas

New Europe College

Research Topic: Mercenaries in the Byzantine World: 11th-15th Centuries

Dr. Savvas Kyriakidis received his PhD from the University of Birmingham with a thesis on the military history of the later Byzantine Empire. A substantially revised version of this thesis was published as monograph with the title Warfare in Late Byzantium, 1204–1453 (Leiden: Brill 2011). He has been a research fellow at ANAMED as well as at Princeton University, the University of Johannesburg and the New Europe College in Bucharest. He has taught Byzantine history at Sabanci University and at the Open University of Cyprus. He has published articles on the nature of warfare in Byzantium, the late medieval Balkans and in Frankish Greece. His project at ANAMED focuses on the nature of mercenary military service in Byzantium.