Klinger, Dustin Dominik

Harvard University

Research Title: A History of Propositional Analysis from the Hellenistic Commentators on Aristotle to Theories of the Proposition in Arabic Philosophy, 900–1350

Mr. Klinger is a PhD candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University. Previously he obtained his BA in Classics and Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford and his MA in History of Philosophy from the Sorbonne (Paris IV) in Paris. He also studied Classics and Arabic for a Diploma at the École Normal Supérieure Rue d’Ulm in Paris, with a brief stint at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. Dustin’s research focuses on the philosophy of language and logic in the Greco-Arabic tradition, from Aristotle up to the 15th century. More precisely, he investigates how philosophers in this tradition have attempted to give theories about how it is that we can use language to say something true or false about the world. He is also interested in bringing his historical research into conversation with contemporary philosophical debates about the nature of the proposition and theories of meaning. While at ANAMED, he plans to investigate 12th and 13th century logical manuscripts written in Arabic and Persian that deal with the semantics of words and the analysis of propositions.