Iannantuono, Ketty

Radboud Universiteit

Research Title: Archaeology on the Threshold of the Italo-Turkish War: Scholarly and Diplomatic Dynamics behind the 1910 Italian Archaeological Mission at Ankara 

Ketty Iannantuono is a PhD candidate at the Radboud Institute for Culture & History, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. During her PhD, Ketty has been studying imperial monuments set in the provinces of the Roman Empire with a focus on the Eastern Alps, Northern Africa and Anatolia. Specifically, her thesis has explored the impact of different socio-political and cultural contexts on the production and understanding of imperial visual narratives. Furthermore, Ketty has paid attention to early-twentieth century scholarly interpretations of Roman imperial provincial monuments in order to highlight biases in contemporary historical and archaeological reconstructions. 
Before to start her PhD, Ketty obtained a BA in Cultural Heritage, a MA in Classical Archaeology and a Specialization in Classical Archaeology from the University of Bologna. Ketty has also participated in multiple international archaeological campaigns, and taught various academic courses in Ancient History and Archaeology at the Radboud Universiteit, the Vrije Universiteit and the Universiteit van Amsterdam. 
While at the KHI and at the ANAMED, Ketty plans to investigate the scholar and diplomatic relationships between Italian and Ottoman agents that made it possible to carry out the archaeological mission at Ankara in 1910, just one year before the outburst of war between the two powers. 

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