Hong, Xin

Koç University

Project: Linking Anatolian Pasts Project

Dr. Hong recently completed her doctoral degree in geography at Kent State University, Ohio, USA. She received her MS degree in geography from Ohio University, USA and BA degree in geography from the University of Northern Iowa, USA. Her research interests include mapping and analyzing geographic events and patterns through time and space. Some of her research and publications have involved using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geospatial technologies for detecting health disparities, personal health awareness, and environmental pollution. Dr. Hong worked as the consultant in the NASA DEVELOP National Program for two summer terms (2016 and 2017) and participated in geospatial projects related to coastal Alabama oceans and Northern Great Plains water resources, respectively. In Summer 2017, her work was rewarded with the NASA DEVELOP Science Systems and Applications Inc. Annual Award. She is currently working on an ANAMED project, preliminarily titled “Linking Anatolian Pasts,” with primary responsibilities in developing interactive geospatial research tools and building up a database for longitudinal research across Anatolian pasts.  

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